Drug overdose suspected in 21-year-old’s death at LaPorte apartment Aug. 5

A 21-year-old man died of a suspected drug overdose at Country Acres Apartments in LaPorte on Monday, Aug. 5, 2013, according to LaPorte Police.

Police, LaPorte County EMS and LaPorte Fire Department units responded at about 1:44 p.m. to an apartment on the report of a possible drug overdose, police said. Country Acres is located off Boyd Boulevard.

The man, who was not identified in the initial police report, was found lying unresponsive on a bedroom floor. He was pronounced dead at the scene by the LaPorte County Coronor’s Office.

Police said drug paraphernalia was lying throughout the apartment.

The case remains under investigation.



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  1. Concerned Adult

    Aug 06. 2013

    I believe LaPorte County is in crisis when it comes to the teen and young adult population.

    I cannot count on two hands the number of people from my children’s freshman class that have died from drugs, recklessness, and suicide. That does not include those that are lucky to be alive.

    We must all call on the Leadership LaPorte County, the LaPorte County Government, Blair Milo, and the Laporte County School Corporation to address this issue now.

    The drug problem here is a symptom and not the root cause of the issues facing the county today.

    When it comes to recreation there is virtually nothing for a teen to do in the county. There are few events; There is no theater; The parks outside of LaPorte city proper are purposeless as far as youth are concerned; The all-ages music venues couldn’t make a go; and the list goes on and on.

    The career outlook in the county is hopeless. Scanning social media, you see 17 to 25 year LaPorte youth ecstatic because they finally landed a job flipping burgers or selling cell-phones.

    This weekend 300 people attended an annual gathering in Southeast LaPorte County to listen to twelve bands/artists celebrate life with music and food in memory of one of these youth lost to teen suicide.

    The very next day another member of that graduating class died of an overdose.

    Either this needs to stop, or Laporte Leadership can simply wait for the problem to go away on its own through attrition. It is shameful.

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  2. Citizen

    Aug 06. 2013

    This is a tragedy but the fact of the matter is that we can only make it better for our future young adults this generation is to far gone. Iam 31 years old and when I was growing up I never even heard of herion and I was in with wat was then called a bad crowd but now looking back the PPL I was around were saints compared to bad crowd now a days!!!!! It amazes me COMPLETLY how much has changed in ten years. We defiantly need to keep fighting the issue the so called law needs to find the dealers in the Chicago area and take them out bend the law make it happen the PPL will not care if the police break a few laws to destroy the herion dealers BC honestly this is the only problem HERION go on a rampage and if PPL don’t have the killer drug let em go and keep looking till you find em just do it before you find citizens taking it into there own hands and I promise if that happens the police will have even more problems

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  3. MP

    Aug 07. 2013

    I want it to stop as well – but we can’t simply sit back and expect someone else to fix it. What are the solutions?

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  4. Also Concerned

    Aug 07. 2013

    Sadly, the drug problem in LP is rampant and I agree that something should be done. I do not, however, agree that it is only the responsibilty of the leadership in our city and county to fight this battle alone. Our Mayor is doing everything in her power to raise awareness to seemingly no avail. It is not fair to say that our leadership has not addressed the issue. They have and continue to do so. At some point the community needs to come together as a whole and not rely on any one person to make the change.

    Why are we not holding accountable the individuals themselves and the parents? If someone wants to try something, regardless of how much we educate them on the dangers of drugs, they will. We had much less to do in the city a decade ago when I was part of this age group, yet we found productive things to with our time – and it did not include using drugs. Not to mention, individuals of all social classes and professions use, all the while knowing the possible outcomes.
    The underground drug network is extremely complex and if someone has a want or a need, they will find a way – regardless of how much we want to stop it. As sad as it is, it seems like a losing battle. The fight needs to start with the individual.

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