Metheny: Kora is negligent, incompetent

Incumbent LaPorte County Commissioner Vidya Kora has walked away from $1 million in state matching money for road repair in LaPorte County. I hope the taxpayers of LaPorte County are as outraged as I am at the gross negligence and incompetence of my opponent. Does the good doctor believe that LaPorte County taxpayers’ money grows on trees? Why would LaPorte County be the ONLY ONE of 92 qualifying counties that failed to apply for the state matching grant money? Is it that LaPorte County, once again, is engaging in partisan politics, rather than taking advantage of the common-sense approach that was created by our state legislature?

This has resulted in our taxpayers being robbed, courtesy of Dr. Kora, with the county having $1 million less than could have been spent on road improvements. Even the City of LaPorte claimed their full $1 million match, but LaPorte County, again, got NOTHING!

When going to the polls on Nov. 8, I hope you will remember this tragic situation that Kora has put us in. Do you want a commissioner that is going to fight for every penny that is rightfully yours (as I will) or do you want someone (like Kora) who is going to continue to be blind to the county’s needs, in order to mindlessly serve the political will of the county attorney?

Remember, our $1 million of “free money” is lost forever. Dr. Kora was asleep at the switch. Call Vidya Kora at the courthouse at 326-6808 and tell him how you feel about his reckless and irresponsible behavior, by refusing LaPorte County taxpayers’ money from downstate that was rightfully ours.


Dennis Metheny
Republican candidate For LaPorte County Commission

2 Responses to “Metheny: Kora is negligent, incompetent”

  1. steve holifield

    Sep 18. 2016

    Great letter. Wether is 50% or 20% match it is still money to help pave roads. Could it be that 50% is a way of our state telling the counties to become more fiscally responsible instead of just hiring and appointing more political flunkies. This fall vote all out and start with new blood.

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  2. Big Al

    Sep 19. 2016

    I don’t care what party your with, if you don’t do the will of the people you need to go. I for one will go to the polls this fall with the intent to vote out all the commissioners because of the way they forced the PGI down our throats. We have a big following and will make our voices heard in November.

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