Local USW director endorses Decker for county commissioner

I have known both Dave Decker and his opponent for more than 30 years. I was a member of the same local union as both of them USW Local 12775 representing the workers at NIPSCO.

It is with great pride that I am endorsing Dave Decker for County Commissioner. In my opinion he has stayed true to the vision we all learned as union members, which is service before self, the good of the majority comes before special interests, and cooperation with others in order to benefit and improve life for the citizens of LaPorte County.

I remember when Dave’s opponent was in a position to make a difference and the bickering and conflict that was the standard operating procedure at the time.

I believe that we have a clear choice to keep in place folks that work hard every day to improve the lives of all the people of LaPorte County. Therefore I ask that you vote for Dave Decker.


Mike O’Brien

Sub District 4 Director

District 7 United Steelworkers

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