Ty Miller is a candidate for LaPorte School Board

Ty Miller

Ty Miller

Local businessman Tyrone “Ty” Miller has announced his candidacy to represent the LaPorte people on the LaPorte Community School Corporation’s Board of Trustees. Miller is a Senior Director with the Fortune 500 Firm Schneider Electric and his focus for the past 15 years has been consulting with local and state government entities throughout Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan.

“As a father, husband, and volunteer member of several LaPorte-area nonprofit boards, I have become more devoted to the vision and associated impact of our school system,” Miller said in a press release.

Three of the seven positions are at stake on the LaPorte School Board, which oversees approximately $40 million in annual tax revenue. Miller believes these funds must be prioritized to provide the absolute best educational experience for the students in the community. As a school board member, Miller promises to prioritize the budget based on the following fundamental services he expects the school corporation to provide: safety for students and staff, quality education and building a positive foundation for community.

However, Miller isn’t waiting until the election to be over to make a difference — for the past decade he has been consulting with Indiana Public Schools to implement new programs to improve safe learning environments for students. And, as the son of a lifelong Indiana public school teacher, Miller has supported the philosophy that investing in the best teachers results in the best education.

“The school system is the backbone of a strong community, and my family and I believe in supporting our public schools. If my priorities are your priorities, I ask for your vote Nov. 8,” Miller said.

Miller touts 16 years of experience with public finance with a Master of Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame and he has a daughter in the school corporation. He has stated that “We can have a community that balances budgets, prioritizes quality education, and is committed to partnering with best-in-class educators for long term success.”

Ty has a Facebook page, “tymillerforschoolboard,” on which he provides video updates every Tuesday about his ideas for the LaPorte Community School Corporation called “Tuesdays with Ty.” In addition, Miller stresses that he wants to be available to the community should they want to communicate any ideas or concerns with him. He can be reached at TyMillerSchoolBoard@gmail.com, 317-709-0616 or at his Facebook link below:


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