Stabosz endorses Mrozinski, Metheny for county commissioner

In evaluating who to support for county commissioner, I would suggest to you, this time around, that integrity and independence are the traits that are the most critical differentiators between the candidates. I am supporting Rich Mrozinski and Dennis Metheny because I am convinced that their decisions will be based upon what is best for the people, and for the county, and that they will not be influenced by a political agenda.   Nor will they be “in service” to a political patron, as their opponents are.  

I have personally witnessed, as a city councilman, how the two incumbent commissioners up for re-election are tragically “beholden” to another man, how that erodes their character, and compromises their ability to provide forthright and honest leadership. Such influences have hindered the county’s economic development efforts, prevented us from getting our fair share of money from downstate, and cast a dark cloud over our county. We can’t let it continue.  

Rich Mrozinski and Dennis Metheny will restore integrity, accountability, and honest oversight to our county government. I will take an honest man, any day, over one who does the bidding of another, in secret, or allows someone else to run his office for him. We have had enough of that in LaPorte County, and we have paid a terrible price for it. This County does not exist to provide any single attorney with a living, and any county officials who operate that way should be held accountable at the polls.   

If you believe in open, honest, and clean government, I urge you to vote for Rich Mrozinski and Dennis Metheny for county commission, because we need a clean slate, and a clean sweep.  

Timothy Stabosz

LaPorte City Councilman At Large

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