“My hawk”: spectacular shots of a magnificent raptor

Can you spot the hawk? It blends in well with its environs

Alighting to look for a snack.

A rare moment of rest.

On the wing.

 Mary Ketchmark of Wanatah sent these beautiful photos titled “my hawk” to WNLP, with this information:

“I have a hawk that comes to our tree in the front yard and I was lucky enough to get some great shots of him. He landed in the tree, hopped down to a lower branch and then took off. I snapped away and was surprised when I put them in the computer to view. I love him. I’m 72 and just retired from being a photographer with my own studio for many years. I still take my camera to all the grandkids’ games and get some great shots of them. I’m always excited to see great pictures.”

2 Responses to ““My hawk”: spectacular shots of a magnificent raptor”

  1. Mari

    Feb 11. 2017

    Very cool shots, thank you

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  2. Lin Curtis

    Mar 17. 2017

    Mary, How lucky you are. First, to have a magnificent raptor visit you regularly, and second, to have had a career that you wouldn’t call work…..but a passion. Thanks for sharing!!!.

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