February departs: What a show-off

Photos by Bob Wellinski; click to enlarge

Shirtsleeve weather followed by pouring rain, thunder, lightning, and a little hail thrown in just for fun. April? Hah! That’s how February 2017 decided to depart.

Wellinski took these photos of spectacular lightning illuminating the night skies Feb. 28.

3 Responses to “February departs: What a show-off”

  1. Keven BOHLE a.k.a. mr.pottawattamie park

    Feb 28. 2017

    Great light show given By nature itself, very awEsome what a mild January and February we have had here in Northwest indiana

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  2. Julie Horn

    Mar 01. 2017

    Fantastic photos Bob.
    Beautiful !

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  3. SuzQuz

    Mar 01. 2017

    Bob, you must have your camera hanging on your shoulder at all times. You get some of the BEST photos. Again last night, perfect timing!

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