Expanded LP program immediately provides “angels” to addicts seeking help

LaPorte administration, police, fire departments expanding programs to aid heroin addicts

In the wake of a recent spike in overdoses, some deadly, the City of LaPorte and its emergency services are expanding a program to provide immediate assistance to heroin addicts.

A newly formed program named PAATH (Public Safety Assisted Access to Treatment and Health) expands the services of a program that was already in place.

“Under the new PAATH Program, people will be able to not only go to the police department, but also any of the three LaPorte Fire Department fire stations to ask for assistance,” a March 2, 2017, press release from Mayor Blair Milo and the police and fire departments stated. “When someone suffering from addiction comes into any of these locations or interacts with any member of the City of LaPorte fire or police departments and asks for assistance with their opioid or heroin addiction, they will immediately be paired with a trained community volunteer (known as an Angel) who will guide them through the steps of getting into treatment. The process involves receiving a medical evaluation followed by guided conversations from treatment professionals on options and overcoming barriers to access to the agreed best treatment path.

“As with the previous PAARI Program, users who come in seeking help will not face arrest. The focus of this program is to assist people in finding and continuing along a path to treatment that will work for them.”

The new program is being established after various community organizations collaborated to address the increasing problem of heroin addiction and overdoses.

“We hear more often than not that people do not know what services are offered or how to get help with their addiction,” LaPorte Police Chief Adam Klimczak said. “The PAATH program is in place to make sure that someone is available 24/7 to help someone in need find their way into treatment.”  

To get help, addicts can come to any of the following locations 24 hours a day to get started on their road to recovery:

— LaPorte City Police Department, 1206 Michigan Ave.

— LaPorte Fire Station 1, 809 W. 18th St.

LaPorte Fire Station 2, 115 East Shore Ct.

LaPorte Fire Station 3, 105 Boyd Blvd.

5 Responses to “Expanded LP program immediately provides “angels” to addicts seeking help”

  1. Just Wondering

    Mar 03. 2017

    Where is the program to help the children of these people and the family members that have to care for and pay for these children. These people get a free ride to “get help” but yet, the children and family members of these people don’t get any help “right away”. They cannot walk into a place and receive help like these people can. A child that is going without food and decent place to stay or family members that have to care for the children of these people have no place to go to get immediate help. I think we should re-direct some funds to “victims of the addicts” and put the addicts on work release as part of their rehab because they do need to know how to function in everyday life not only in a rehab center. Their funds can go to their family taking care of the children. Please someone has to stand up for the “victims of addicts” not just the addicts. They made their choice, the children and family did not. When will the mayor and agency’s understand that not only the addicts are affected by their choice. I’m all about someone getting help but they should be held accountable for the lives they are financially and emotionally destroying.

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    • OntheGo

      Mar 08. 2017

      I understand your position; however, we have to start somewhere and can’t do it all. Getting an addict to admit they are an addict is not an easy task and they won’t be accepted into the PAATH program if they do not ‘willingly’ ask for help.
      LaPorte County is sorely lacking in addiction/recovery facilities. We have NO in-house detox rehabs. This all takes money and a lot of legal red tape.
      Addiction does affect everyone, not just the addict, but until they seek treatment we can’t expect them to be held accountable.

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  2. i agree

    Mar 04. 2017

    Wonderfully stated.

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  3. Proud recovered addict

    Mar 06. 2017

    I believe if Laporte county would open a MATS treatment it would benifit this community by 10x why hace we not a medically assisted treatment service.. Methadone or suboxone at a reasonable cost. I didn’t abuae methadone and it saved me wonders. If we could open one locally it would put a stop to the epidemic cause it helps with with the painful withdrawals and it’s all medically controlled and watched.. I highly believe in this program and sometime more close to home would really show improvement and shave lives why have we not looked into it? We still tryin to milk the community of all the helpless teens that just need a helping hand???

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    • Couldn't agree more

      Mar 10. 2017

      Yes if they would get a MATS. This county could be saved again!

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