Rainbow, and gold at rainbow’s end

The rainbow shares the sky with the steeple atop Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church on Johnson Road. (Bob Wellinski) 

(This photo and the three below): The arc over a field on Orr Lake Road. (Bob Wellinski)

The unexpected late-afternoon sun and rainbow off Johnson Road. (Shannon Woods)

WNLP’s Bob Wellinski and WNLP contributor Shannon Woods were camera ready as a glorious rainbow appeared Sunday evening, March 26, 2017, after a rather dreary day.

And Shannon added a bit of unexpected gold at the end of a rainbow: While LaPorte’s Kmart is now among hundreds of others in the chain that have closed, here was a bright spot in the store’s last hour: The photo below shows an overloaded cart as a LaPorte family purchased items for their daughter, a teacher in Indianapolis … to give to her students.

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