Anthropologist solves LaPorte County’s Mystery of the Puzzling Patella

Information from LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office

Columbo wasn’t available, so LaPorte County sheriff’s deputies responded to the home of Jerry Eapmon Jr. after he dug up a mystery on March 31, 2017.

Eapmon, who lives in the 5600 block of Johnson Road, was fixing a fence when he discovered a bone. A knee bone. A knee bone he thought might have been of human origin.

Deputies photographed the bone joint, which evidence technician Alex Pishkur noted in his report consisted of “two pieces jointed together … both ends of the pieces appeared to (have) cut or saw marks from a precision tool.”    

The sheriff’s department sent the bone to an anthropologist at the University of Tennessee. On April 11, that office called with the results: The bone belonged to a pig. At some point it no doubt gave its life to provide some tasty meals.

Case solved: It was clearly a ham-icide.

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