Moments in Time, April 15

Compiled by Mary Hedge, LaPorte County Public Library

April 15, 1917 — A big $7 million bond issue to finance war with Germany is reported on favorably by a U.S. Senate committee.

April 15, 1967 — The master gift phase of the LaPorte Salvation Army building fund campaign will begin on Friday.

April 15, 1992 — Approximately 500 Valparaiso University students gather at the Chapel of the Resurrection to object to the administration’s handling of several racist incidents on campus.

April 15, 2007 — Electronic filing options and tax preparation software are making it easier for individuals to file taxes.

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  1. Mrs. John Compton

    Apr 15. 2017

    The Compton Triplets were born 50 years ago on April 15,1967
    Proud Mother!

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