Fail and 20 once again the site of a serious crash

Yet another serious crash has happened on U.S. 20, this one at Fail Road Wednesday morning, April 19, 2017.

The LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office reports that at about 5:45 a.m., a silver 2014 Ford Fusion traveling east on U.S. 20 disregarded the traffic signal at Fail Road and struck a black 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo traveling north on Fail Road.

The driver of the Ford, Anesah Brazier, 19, of South Bend, suffered a possible broken wrist and was transported to LaPorte Hospital. The driver of the Chevy, Luis Anguiano, 27, of LaPorte, suffered injuries to his hip and head; he was flown by MedFlight to Memorial Hospital in South Bend. His injuries were not believed to be life threatening.

Brazier was issued a citation for disregarding the traffic signal. A passenger in Brazier’s car, Marcel Omar Singleton, 32, was not injured and walked away from the scene,but was later stopped by deputies and found to be wanted in Saint Joseph County, IN, on a misdemeanor warrant. He was taken to Saint Joseph County and turned over to the sheriff’s department there.

The intersection was closed to traffic for about an hour.

“Remember to watch your speed, don’t text and drive, and stay to the right except to pass,” the sheriff’s office advises.

LaPorte County EMS and the Kankakee Fire Department also worked the scene.

3 Responses to “Fail and 20 once again the site of a serious crash”

  1. Wayne

    Apr 19. 2017

    If you don’t already know to stop at a red light, you have no business behind the wheel in the first place.

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  2. Unfortunate

    Apr 19. 2017

    But the 94 / 20 off ramp is more important, right?

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  3. Gorgeous Jim

    Apr 21. 2017

    Yes, as mentioned in the last sentence of this story “Stay To The Right Except To Pass” That is key advice to survive your commute on Hwy 20 (aka the Carnage Corridor) I am just amazed that they hardly have any “Keep Right Except To Pass” signs along this route. It would be my suggestion have one placed every mile in each direction between Hwy 35 & 20 and the intersection of Hwy 2 & 20. We have way too many distracted Lollygaggers driving below the speed limit that just stay in the passing lane for miles and miles.

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