Nothin’ to see here — just incredible beauty

Photos by Bob Wellinski (click to enlarge)

Wring out your umbrella and turn to the brighter side of spring as WNLP presents our annual Spring Walk with Wellinski. He even provides the species: (from top) apple, crab apple, crab apple and redbud, crab apple, dandelions (hey, even dandelions are beautiful), dogwood, lilac, peach, pear, redbud and oaks, tulips. Be sure to savor this season’s bountiful beauty before it fades. 

3 Responses to “Nothin’ to see here — just incredible beauty”

  1. Julie Smith

    May 01. 2017

    Always love Bob’s images. He has a way of invoking a moment in time so you can appreciate the beauty we might otherwise overlook. Bravo again, Bob!


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  2. Linda L. Shortt

    May 01. 2017

    Bob can even make a dandelion look beautiful!!
    All the trees and shrubs were breathtaking this spring!!!

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  3. Betty Kirkham

    May 02. 2017

    I agree with Julie and Linda, Bob’s pictures are always great.

    Everything was early this spring. Thanks Bob !!!

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