Sheriff’s office reminds promgoers to be smart and lead by example

The LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office is joining with all area schools in encouraging safe practices during prom season. LaPorte County has achieved 13 years with no prom-related tragedies, and with everyone’s cooperation, 2017 will make 14 years. LaPorte County law enforcement officials want nothing more than positive memories for students, and to that end they encourage everyone to follow a few safety tips:

— Be prepared to deal with the pressures that come with the territory. Not everyone will be as smart as you. There will be some who will decide to drink or use drugs and try to encourage you to do the same. Don’t be caught off guard and say “yes” to something you’ll regret. Be ready to say “No” or walk away. Humor often works in these situations and once they realize you’re not going to join them, they’ll leave you alone.

— Plan something fun and stick to the plan. Prom is all about the memories. If you and your friends plan something exciting, off-the-wall and memorable, no one will want to leave to drink or use drugs. You can go for coffee, grab a late-night bite or even plan something silly like karaoke. By making firm plans, everyone will have a say and you’ll look forward to just being together. This will be worth far more than one night of bad choices.

— Be a leader for others to see. Just as peer pressure works to get others to drink or use drugs, it can also work in a positive way. If you’re having a blast and are the life of the party AND you’re staying sober, others will take notice. Show them it’s possible and actually better to have a good time without being intoxicated. You’ll have a great time with no regrets!

A few LaPorte County high school proms have already taken place: South Central, Westville and LaCrosse. Below are those still coming up. The sheriff’s office will have increased patrols during these nights:

— New Prairie: May 6 at Heston Hills Banquet Hall in rural La Porte County

— Michigan City: May 12 at Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City

— LaPorte: May 13 at the Civic Auditorium in LaPorte

— La Lumiere: May 19 at Pottawattamie Country Club in Michigan City

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    May 05. 2017

    Be home by 10:00pm you crazy kids.

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