UPDATE MAY 7: Escaped Westville inmate found in ductwork of prison room where he worked

A photo issued by Westville Correctional Center shows Morris moments after his capture at the prison.

Westville Correctional Center press release issued at about noon Sunday:

“CAPTURED! The Westville Correctional Facility (WCC) has captured missing inmate Orville Morris – #204172. Morris was found hiding on grounds and never got out of the facility.

“Morris was still inside the pallet shop where he worked. He had crawled up into some of the mechanical systems in the ceiling. When staff returned to the building to check it yet again, they heard a noise. They were able to isolate that area and found Morris hiding on a ledge along the building’s industrial HVAC ductwork. When located, Morris yelled ‘I give up. I give up.’
“Superintendent Mark Sevier noted, ‘We never give up. Our teams went through the entire facility three times searching for him. We would keep on searching until he was found.’
“Indiana Department of Correction Commissioner Robert E. Carter Jr. praised Superintendent Sevier for his actions. “Since Superintendent Sevier’s arrival at Westville Correctional Facility, he has implemented many security procedures to improve safety within the facility, prevent escapes and protect the public.’
“Morris is being questioned by the facility’s Correctional Police Officers. He will be placed in an extremely high security restrictive housing unit. He will be charged internally for his attempted escape, and all information will be referred to the LaPorte County Prosecutor for consideration of felony charges.
“The superintendent thanks the many local, county, state and federal agencies that tirelessly followed up every potential lead in this case, and the members of the public who provided information and cooperated with the investigation.”


Original information:
Authorities were searching Friday evening, May 5, 2017, for a Westville Correctional Center inmate who escaped from the prison. Orville Morris, 35, of Marengo, IN, was last seen at the prison at about 10 a.m. Friday, according to prison officials. 

Morris was serving a 3-year sentence for robbery, and was scheduled to serve another 3 years for felony burglary. He is described as white, about 5 feet, 9 inches tall and 210 pounds. 

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  1. Steve Mott

    May 07. 2017

    Great job Thanks

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  2. Brooks was here

    May 07. 2017

    He’s been watching too much Shawshank.
    Well done guys!

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  3. Now I can Sleep

    May 07. 2017

    Good job. That picture says it all!!!

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  4. Ggottio

    May 07. 2017

    Ok now I understand how to escape. Just look for no cameras. Lord ya think video camera would be one thing this place would have everywhere

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