UPDATE: Orchard Avenue RR crossing is completed

East Lincolnway crossing. (Google Earth image)

Orchard Avenue crossing. (Google Earth image)

Tyler Street crossing. (Google Earth image)

UPDATE JUNE 10: The City of LaPorte received word from CSX that work on the Orchard Avenue crossing is completed and the crossing was open as of June 10. The South Shore crossing on East Lincolnway was also open over the weekend; it is unknown whether that work is completed or will continue. 


Railroad repair crews will make things interesting in LaPorte between June 5 and 15 (or so). Not one, not two, but three crossings — one involving East Lincolnway — will be closed for repairs in that period — just in time for the June 9-11 Maple City Grand Prix boat races and the June 10 annual Cruise Night.

Don’t blame city or county officeholders. As Mayor Blair Milo explained, “This maintenance is conducted by the railroad, and the City does not have any say in the scheduling of this. The city engineer did talk with them and they are hopeful to wrap the project up in less than 10 days. They are also aware of the Maple City Grand Prix and Cruise Night events taking place during this time period, and will work hard not to interfere with the traffic flow for these.”

Here’s the lowdown on the crossings and approximate closure periods:

— East Lincolnway near Philadelphia Street (near Arconic plant): The South Shore Railroad has announced this “complete blockage” of the freight-line crossing spanning Lincolnway between June 7-13 for “renewal and improvement.”

— Tyler Street and Orchard Avenue crossings: June 6-15. Norfolk Southern plans to be resurfacing and paving these two crossings for at least 10 days.

If you have friends or relatives coming to visit, or if you spot any confused visitors, please guide them to the closest detours available during these projects.

5 Responses to “UPDATE: Orchard Avenue RR crossing is completed”

  1. Ron

    Jun 02. 2017

    Thanks for the update on these repairs.
    I would have found it helpful to provide a map of the detours rather than a ‘Google Earth” picture without any compass rose or direction to offer orientation. Having a simple map of the detours will be a better help for all travelers to La Porte. Thank you!

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    • John

      Jun 05. 2017

      Hey Ron,, if you click on the Google Earth picture, it will blow it up and you can see the street names and know exactly where they are if you a local

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  2. Chris

    Jun 05. 2017

    Hi Ron,
    North is UP in all the photos. 🙂

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  3. lawman

    Jun 09. 2017

    should create some interesting traffic for the boat race/cruise. east jeff was backed up from boyd to past the tracks earlier today

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  4. sue

    Jun 10. 2017

    e lincolnway is open today

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