Getting a new U.S. flag? Take your old one to Haverstock’s to honor veterans

Haverstock Funeral Home and Cremation Services is accepting retired U.S. flags to be used to honor fallen veterans by being draped across their caskets at the time of cremation.

The funeral home, 602 Maple Ave., LaPorte, will accept flags throughout the year.

“As with us all, the American flag has a life span and every flag deserves to be decommissioned honorably,” states a press release from Haverstock. “American flags that are no longer suitable for display will be accepted by Haverstock Funeral Home and will honor a fallen veteran by being draped across his/her casket at the time of cremation.  

“Upon receipt of the cremated remains, the family will receive a certificate stating that a retired U.S. flag was draped across the veteran as the flag’s last Deed of Service.”  

Those donating flags will receive a certificate to thank them for their donation.  

If you are a veteran or family member who would appreciate having a flag honorably retired along with your loved one at time of cremation, please contact Family Service Advisor Rhonda Graves at 219-362-3333. She will work with veterans and their families to make certain this honor is granted at time of need.  

A brochure detailing the Flag Retirement Program, as well as flag etiquette, is also available. For more information, call 219-362-3333, and visit and click on its Community Events section.

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