Family escapes from Federal Ave. house fire Friday; firefighters save mother cat and kittens

Captain Doug Biernacki provides oxygen to the mother cat. as her kittens wait.

Training Chief Zach Kanney (right) hands off a rescued kitten.

Photos and information provided by LaPorte Fire Department

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LaPorte City firefighters rescued a mother cat and her kittens from a smoky house fire in the 1300 block of Federal Avenue Friday afternoon, July 7, 2017. The home’s residents, two adults and seven children, were able to make it out safely.

The fire was contained to the basement, though the rest of the house sustained smoke damage.

After a little oxygen therapy administered by firefighters, Mama cat and her babies were recovering nicely.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

5 Responses to “Family escapes from Federal Ave. house fire Friday; firefighters save mother cat and kittens”

  1. Curtis W Walker

    Jul 07. 2017

    Nice job Zach keep up the good work was really great to see when animals are saved as well as life and property former fire police chief Curtis Walker

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  2. Vonda

    Jul 10. 2017

    Nice that you cover the story except its always better if the facts are straight. The cat recieving oxygen is the families 18 yr old cat whom the fireman brought out of the house. The kittens arent hers and they werent in the house at all. She needed a little oxygen support since she is an older cat and she had inhaled smoke. See even the truth still makes for a good story, no need to embelish what didnt happen.

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    • Vonda

      Jul 10. 2017

      Also the cat is doing fine.

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    • Staff

      Jul 10. 2017

      The information came from the fire department. No embellishment here. The firefighters were no doubt a little too busy to get ages and lineage of the cats. WNLP relayed good news and a great photo (also from the fire dept.) about pets being saved and the family being safe. Period.

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  3. Typical

    Jul 10. 2017

    “Vonda”… why so nasty? You seem to be spoiling for a fight? I’m guessing by the explanation from WNLP staff that they used the information provided; nothing more, nothing less. You immediately think “embellishment”.
    We are fortunate to have WNLP, a service that costs nothing to the readers. Without it, many of us would not get the local news. The Herald Argus was fantastic in its day however it is slowly circling the drain. We need to support news forums like WNLP as much as possible.
    Be better, not bitter!

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