Fun, music, crafts at Presbyterian church’s vacation Bible school

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Vacation Bible school will be in full swing again this year with a new theme at The Presbyterian Church of LaPorte. Each early evening from 6 to 8 Sunday, July 16, through Thursday, July 20, children will explore ancient Rome through games, crafts, music and more.

Following the apostle Paul and the faithful of his time through the life of the early Christian church “will be a lot of fun,” said Aaron Lickliter, Coordinator of Ministries for Children and Youth.

Activities will include the busy marketplace where children will learn to make the popular bread, build aqueducts, enjoy chariot races, and learn Roman numerals using an abacus. They’ll do all this wearing togas and wreaths they make themselves, in the style of the Olympic wreath. There’ll be brick-making again this year: “I hear they were a big hit last year,” said Lickliter, who began his position in January.

The theme of ancient Christians’ underground church is designed to grow children’s faith and heighten their awareness of the freedom of religion America enjoys, Lickliter said. “They’ll have  opportunities to meet members of the underground church and learn what it was like then, with Roman soldiers on patrol looking for Christians. Christianity was illegal, so it was secret, and kids will see what it was like to a believer in the early church.

“We hope the kids will come away with a sense of excitement and understand how significant it is to have a faith in Jesus. I love this curriculum because we in the United States have it pretty easy when it comes to issues of faith. People aren’t coming after us to put us in jail simply because of what we believe in.”

Children who are young in the church can discover their belief in the loving Jesus Christ, said Lickliter.

As always the lessons are offered with fun, beginning and ending with music, led by Rev. Dr. Sally Wicks and accompanied by the church’s Worship Band.

Church members are in costume and enjoy it as much as the children do, said Lickliter. “There’s been a tremendous amount of help and encouragement from our member volunteers, and even more, a sense of goodwill. There’s an understanding it’s for the kids who are connected to our church, who are connected, or not, to other churches in the community, and kids who’ve heard about our vacation Bible school. Members here have a heart for this work, doing what they can to help the kids grow in the faith, be safe, hear the Gospel, and have fun.”

The church is at 307 Kingsbury Ave. (U.S. 35 and Kingsbury). Pre-registration is ongoing and is encouraged. Parents may register at the church or online at (follow the links). Children can also be registered at the church beginning at 5 p.m. Sunday, July 16. Any questions, call the church, 362-6219. Mondays through Thursdays.  

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