Terra Verde action, June 2017

Mike and Doreen King, owners of Lakeside Lavender and Herbs in LaPorte.

The June 13 meeting of the Terra Verde Garden Club was called to order by President Pauline McCoy at Round The Clock Restaurant. There were 16 members present and one guest, Lynn Grenough. Secretary’s and treasurer’s reports were given. Treasurer Sue Cummings noted that the club has a savings account and that $630 was made selling plants, etc., at the garage sale.

On June 14 the North Central District Board Meeting in Plymouth will take place. Those attending will be Pauline McCoy, Sandy Cassady and Vickie Floyd. The Porter County Master Gardeners Garden Walk will be Saturday, June 14, from 9-4 p.m.

Nominations for the Green Thumb Award will be taken until the end of June.  At this time there are 17 nominations.  

The July 11 meeting will take place at Dianne Burgis’s home this year in honor of the Terra Verde Garden Club’s 42nd birthday celebration.

Earlier in the day members met at Lakeside Lavender and Herbs and received a tour of the farm by Doreen and Mike King, owners.  The farm is located at 273 Johnson Rd. in LaPorte.  Mike King is the grower at Lakeside Lavender and Doreen King is a Certified Herbalist and has Aromatherapy Certification.  The farm started with 300 plants and now has over 2,500.  This fall they are adding more irrigation and building a labyrinth, a walking path with numerous flowers and plants. They will be adding 800 more plants.  They plan to have a small farm shop open after the Open House, which is on July 1 and 2.  They will have the field open to the public.  They also have bees on the property for the lavender.

Mike works on the farm and Doreen joins him at the South Bend Farmers Market off Sample Street.  Most plants are 4 years old and are propagated from cuttings.  You can cook with lavender and have culinary products, lavender salt and prize oils. Mike says lavender needs about 1 inch of rain per week.  A few of the varieties of lavender grown are English lavender, Munstead and Intermedias lavender.  The Kings also have online sales.  When lavender stays on the stem it’s called “Everlasting” and for a dried bundle it’s picked when it’s dry.

The herbs grown at the Farm are balm, lemon balm, citronella, rosemary, St. John’s Wort, chamomile, feverfew, white willow bark, pineapple sage, white sage, hibiscus, lemongrass, patchouli, and clary sage.  They harvest and dry blueberries for the tea.  In front of the Farm there is a beautiful hedge of roses.  The hips and petals have many uses.  

If anyone is interested in joining the Terra Verde club or would like more information, contact Sue Cummings at 324-5610 or Pauline McCoy at 324-8602.

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