UPDATE: 2 arrests made in use of fake $100 bills at 7 LaPorte businesses

UPDATE JULY 17: LaPorte Police report that two people have been arrested in connection with the use of a recent spree of fake $100 bills used at seven LaPorte businesses.


Kasae M. Stacker, 21, of Blue Island, IL, is charged with two counts of counterfeiting and two counts of attempted counterfeiting, all Level 6 felonies. Jeramiah D. Johnson, 26, of Minneapolis, MN, is charged with four counts of aiding, inducing, or causing counterfeiting, a Level 6 felony.


On Saturday, July 15, 2017, at about 10 a.m., a woman tried to use a fake $100 bill at Family Dollar, 701 E. Lincolnway.  A witness gave a description of the vehicle in which the woman left, and subsequently the blue Buick Century was spotted heading north on the U.S. 35 overpass by LaPorte County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Lanoue, who stopped the vehicle in the 100 block of Pine Lake Avenie. The vehicle was being driven by Johnson, who was unlicensed. Stacker and another female were passengers in the car.

A representative of Family Dollar told police that Stacker had entered the store and tried to pay for her purchase with a fake $100 bill. Stacker was confronted about the bill, whereupon she grabbed the bill back from the employee and left the store. The employee then called 911.

Stacker, Johnson and the third female suspect were all interviewed by LaPorte Police Det. Cpl. Brett Airy. Based upon that investigation, Stacker and Johnson were charged and transported to LaPorte County Jail.

As of July 15, at least seven businesses had reported getting the fake money. The bills passed counterfeit bill detector pens, but all shared the same serial number.

Original information:

LaPorte Police are investigating two cases where counterfeit $100 bills were presented to businesses Thursday, July 13, 2017.

At Marco’s Pizza, 1505 Lincolnway, an employee told police that a woman had come in to pick up a pizza order and paid with a $100 bill. After the woman left, the employee examined the bill more closely and became suspicious that it was a fake.

Police confirmed the bill was counterfeit, and learned that a man who was traveling with the woman had also gone into Family Video, located next door. The man rented two movies and also paid with a $100 bill. Police examined that bill and determined it to be a forgery as well, and that both bills shared the same serial number.

Suspect 1 was described as a black female, approx. 5’2″ to 5’3″ tall and has a chipped front tooth. Suspect 2 was described as a black male, tall, with a dreadlock hairstyle. Both suspects were seen in a blue Buick passenger vehicle.

If you have any information regarding this crime, please call LaPorte Police at (219) 362-9446 or private message police via their Facebook page. You can remain anonymous.

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  1. Gorgeous Jim

    Jul 15. 2017

    I’m not a detective, but if one of the suspects rented two movies, the video store should have his name, address and phone number on file, as that is required contact information, to obtain a rental membership.

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  2. Ggottio

    Jul 15. 2017

    Good point jim

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  3. Keven Putnam a.k.a. mr.pottawattamie park

    Jul 17. 2017

    If you want 100 dollars to spend legally get a job.

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  4. Judge Roy Bean

    Jul 17. 2017

    Another great job. Thanks to all those involved in catching these waste bags. Like Kevin mentioned, I remember a day when people actually had to work to make money.
    Put these lazy people to work cleaning up the highways, graffiti, lakes, or doing something useful.

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  5. lawman

    Jul 17. 2017

    I would think anyone planning to use fake money would give false info as well to the video store

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  6. John

    Jul 17. 2017

    If the fake bills passed the counterfeit bill detector pens, then what the heck is the use of using these pens? Pointless and a waste of time, plus marking up a perfectly good bill.

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  7. Anon

    Jul 18. 2017

    More south Chicago pukes. Not surprised.

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  8. Left LaPorte

    Jul 19. 2017


    These two aren’t exactly the sharpest marbles in the bag and that would imply that they actually “think”!

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