Rescuers use air bags to lift vehicle, free man trapped underneath

Coolspring Township firefighters use air bags to lift the vehicle off Mr. Edson. (Sheriff”s office photo; click to enlarge)

Craig Hager, who operated the wrecker and is a neighbor of the Edsons, comforts Mr. Edson’s wife, Theresa. (Sheriff’s office photo; click to enlarge)

Press release from LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office:

On Thursday, July 10, 2017, sheriff’s deputies and emergency responders were dispatched to the 4800 N block of CR 600 W (approximately one mile east of Michigan City ) for a man trapped under a vehicle following a crash.

LaPorte County Sheriff’s Deputy Austin Wells investigated the incident and learned that shortly before 12:30 p.m., Kenneth “Ike” Edson, 73, was in the process of unhooking a GMC Envoy from the rear of a motor home with his wife Theresa when the vehicle, which was in neutral, began to roll backward.

Mr. Edson attempted to get into the vehicle and put it in gear as it rolled out of his driveway and across CR 600 W. The vehicle rolled approximately 150 feet before landing backward in a ditch on the east side of the roadway. Mr. Edson fell underneath the vehicle and became trapped underneath.

Coolspring, Springfield and Center Township fire departments responded to the call along with two wrecker services. Firefighters utilized air bags to raise the vehicle while a wrecker helped to stabilized it. It took approximately 25 minutes to free Mr. Edson from under the vehicle, where he had been pinned for roughly 45 minutes.

LaPorte County Emergency Medical Service treated Mr. Edson at the scene for injuries to his leg, abdomen and head. He was transported by ambulance to a field north of the crash site and transferred to a medical helicopter, then flown to Memorial Hospital in South Bend. Mr. Edson’s injuries were considered serious but not life-threatening.

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