The eclipse, through the eyes of “kids” of all ages

Birthday girl Jan Boardman and two of her grandkids, Ian and Nolan, take in the eclipse. (Photo by Sydney Roule)

Crescents of light created by the eclipse’s illumination through tree leaves. (Photo by Sydney Roule)

A time lapse of the event. (Wellinski photo)

St, Stanislaus students and teacher witness moments of history. (Wellinski photo)

WNLP photos by Bob Wellinski and Sydney Roule

It didn’t matter whether you were kid or adult, enthusiast or curious spectator, science geek or accidental witness. The full solar eclipse Monday, Aug. 21, 2017 (80-some percent visible in the LaPorte area) had all looking skyward. And wasn’t it fun?

While the sky didn’t go completely dark as it did in regions farther south, our area slowly took on a beautiful blue-gray hue above and fascinating crescent illuminations beneath the trees.     

Bob Wellinski’s photos (he gives special thanks to  local window tint specialist Scott Johnson, who was extremely helpful in creating a solar filter for him) show a collage of the eclipse, as well as 5th to 8th graders, faculty and parishioners at St. Stanislaus School in Michigan City witnessing history. Sydney Roule’s two photos (indicated in captions) show her mom Jan and sons, Nolan and Ian, sharing the special event (it happened to be Jan’s birthday), as well as crescent illuminations on the ground created by the altered light shining through tree leaves.


(This and photos below): Kids and adults alike used safe and creative ways to view the eclipse. (Wellinski photos)

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