INDOT will install rumble strips along U.S. 20 in LP County a year early, starting Aug. 29

Information from INDOT

Beginning Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017, the Indiana Department of Transportation will begin

Center-line rumble strips

installing center-line rumble strips along U.S. 20 in LaPorte County to combat distracted driving, considered the leading cause of accidents in that stretch of the highway.

The strips will be installed along the highway in the center line between U.S. 35 and the U.S. 20/Ind. 2 intersection. Lane closures will be in place on U.S. 20 between U.S. 35 and Ind. 2 on Tuesday, Aug. 29, and Wednesday, Aug. 30, as crews install the rumble strips. Motorists should expect minor delays and allow extra time for trips through this area. Drivers are urged to pay close attention to message boards, signs and cones in the work zone, obey the posted speed limit and be on the alert for workers and equipment.

These rumble strips are being installed one year early. A resurfacing project planned for 2018 was set to install the strips along with a turn lane at CR 400 W. Recently, INDOT engineers found a way to leverage equipment and resources from a nearby project to install the rumble strips one year early in an effort to increase safety for drivers sooner.

The majority of injury crashes on U.S. 20 in LaPorte County occur as a result of distracted driving. Center-line rumble strips are an effective countermeasure as they warn drivers whose vehicles are crossing center lines by creating noise and vibration inside the vehicle. Often this alert is strong enough to get the attention of a distracted or drowsy driver, who can hopefully make a corrective action to return to the roadway safely.

Rumble strips have been shown to reduce run-off road and head-on fatality crashes by as much as 44%. As INDOT has installed rumble strips on other roadways, it has seen even larger crash reductions.

Here are future projects planned for U.S. 20 in LaPorte County:

— 2018: Resurface U.S. 20 between Ind. 212 and Ind. 2/U.S. 20; turn lane at CR 400 W

— 2019: Interchange construction at intersection of U.S. 20/Ind. 2

— 2022: Turn lane installation on U.S. 20 between CR 325 W and CR 300 W

For more information, including road closures, road conditions and traffic alerts at any time, visit these sites:

Twitter @INDOTNorthwest

6 Responses to “INDOT will install rumble strips along U.S. 20 in LP County a year early, starting Aug. 29”

  1. Gorgeous Jim

    Aug 25. 2017

    These rumble strips will indeed wake up distracted drivers that run over them. They will also create a quality of life life issue with the residents who live along 20, as there is a horrendous sound emitted every time a vehicles tires come in contact with them, especially semis. When they installed these on the Indiana toll road behind my place last summer, the noise took on a whole new dimension and not for the better.

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  2. Captain Sense

    Aug 25. 2017

    Gorgeous J,

    I would wager that living directly on HWY 20 is a conscious decision by the homeowner. Were I to move onto HWY 20, the peace and quiet that a serendipitous wooded setting may offer would not be expected.

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  3. Linda

    Aug 25. 2017

    There are/were rumble strips in both directions on US 20 near Fail Road and there are still plenty of accidents at that intersection, so how exactly does this help?

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  4. Gorgeous Jim

    Aug 26. 2017

    Captain Sense, The point that I am trying to get across, is that once the rumble strips are in place, the amount of noise emitted from them will be much louder than the amount of noise that previously came from the highway. When the homeowners did indeed make a “conscious decision” to buy or build along or near the highway 20 Corridor.

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  5. Mike

    Aug 26. 2017

    Captain Sense:
    The difference in noise level when living on a state highway (as I live in hwy 2) with/without the rumble strips is extreme. It is not a constant sound but when vehicles hit them it creates a loud noise for homeowners in the area. As Jim stated too, when a semi runs across those rumble strips the noise is way more loud than a regular car or truck. When traffic is much lighter at night time and a semi hits those strips it can wake you up out of bed at times. Also when you factor in the speeds at which they are driving, the decibel level is extreme. I understand that these are being put in place to help quell the accidents in the area, but it will be a nuisance for homes located along highway 20. It is kind of strange and seems like a waste of money to be doing this now, so late in the season if the highway is getting resurfaced next year?! They will have to install them all over again next year after the paving job. Must be more worried about this upcoming winter and spring time before the project gets underway.

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  6. Anon

    Aug 26. 2017

    I’m sure they’ll close down three lanes and several intersections for this two year long multi billion dollar marvel of modern engineering.

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