Red moon at night, Wellinski’s delight

“Sitting in my La-Z-Boy getting ready to put the kids to bed, I heard coyotes howling through the open patio door,” Bob Wellinski said Sept. 4, 2017. “Of course the dogs wanted to go out so my son Michael let them out. When he got to the door he told everyone to come look at the moon. And this is what we found. I read that the smoke from the wildfires in the Western states is causing the moon to change colors.”

2 Responses to “Red moon at night, Wellinski’s delight”

  1. Sherry

    Sep 09. 2017

    Great photo. I look to the sky almost every night for the moon but missed this one.

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  2. Jim Hale

    Sep 11. 2017

    Terrific pic but Bob my friend be careful letting pets out when you hear the coyotes howling. This side of Indy too many pets disappear. Coyotes are smart and evil, will take out a family pet quickly.


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