“What’s in the road? A what? A HOUSE?”

Police are called to take care of many things in the course of a day, including clearing items causing a road hazard — maybe a tire, a muffler or even an occasional mattress that flopped out of the back of a truck.

But a house?

“On Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2017, this officer, LaPorte County Sheriff’s Sgt. Tony Wallace, responded to a report of ‘a house in the road’ near the area of the 7500 block of East U.S. 6,” Wallace’s official police report reads.

Wallace arrived and indeed discovered a prefab home — all 94 feet of it — sitting in the middle of the highway.

The trucker who was hauling the house on a 4-axle frame trailer “appeared to be experiencing mechanical difficulty,” Wallace reported. The trucker, Blandford Tolbert, 42, of South Bend, explained to Wallace that he had lost all 4 right tires on the trailer.

Tolbert told Wallace he was going to attempt to drag the house off the highway and did so, but in the process “the 4 bare axles on the passenger side dug into the roadway surface and shoulder, causing minor damage.”

Wallace reported the damage to the state highway department.

Tolbert, who was hauling for Bennett Truck Transport out of McDonough, GA, was not cited.     

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    Sep 15. 2017

    I believe that was a Patrick Swayze , Sam Elliott movie.

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