MC bartender charged with striking female customer in face with bottle

Press release from Trail Creek Police:


     On October 29, 2017, at approximately 2:20 a.m., Deputy Marshal Nick Korepanow of the Trail Creek Police Department responded to a disturbance at Decoys Neighborhood Bar and Grill, located in Evergreen Plaza in Trail Creek. Upon the deputy’s arrival a female patron was located outside of the business with injuries to her face. During the course of the investigation it was learned that a bartender employed by Decoys had reportedly thrown a bottle of alcohol and struck the female.

After investigation by police and review by the LaPorte County Prosecutor’s Office, a warrant was issued for the arrest of 51-year-old Gordon R. Gardner. He has been charged with Aggravated Battery, a level 3 Felony; Battery, a level 5 Felony; and Criminal Recklessness, a level 6 felony. Bond was set by LaPorte Superior Court 1 at $25,000 cash. On Nov. 3, Gardner turned himself in to the Trail Creek Police Department and was booked into LaPorte County Jail.

Trail Creek Police Department were assisted in this investigation by Long Beach Police, Michigan City Police, LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office, Indiana State Police, LaPorte County Emergency Medical Service, and the LaPorte County Prosecutor’s Office.

3 Responses to “MC bartender charged with striking female customer in face with bottle”

  1. Nick Young

    Nov 04. 2017

    This guy was reportedly shouting racial epithets at the patrons, then threw a bottle, splitting a womans face badly. Why? He said they didn’t tip enough. How much are you supposed to tip somebody who just used hate speech against you? This guy needs to be locked up… no plea deal and probation nonsense.
    Racism and violence against women need not be tolerated in LP County. They reflect poorly upon our community and endanger our citizens.

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    • Alex

      Nov 05. 2017

      So let’s see if I got this right Nick,

      You weren’t there, didn’t witness anything but your qualified to bring shame on someone?

      It’s easy to have an opinion, but it’s very difficult to have one that we’re QUALIFIED to have.

      Guess opinions aren’t worth what they used to be!

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  2. Alex

    Nov 05. 2017

    Says someone that won’t show their face. Enjoying that high horse?

    I have been there many times and witnessed behaviors that would try the patience of the Pope.

    So go ahead and pretend you’re the one worthy of judging someone else!

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