UPDATE NOV. 13: MC Girl, 12, mauled by dog has had 3 surgeries so far, doing OK

MCPD UPDATE NOV. 13, 2017: “The young girl, Morgan Winter, is still a patient at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. She suffered extensive wounds, however it appears that after three surgeries and one additional this week she will regain full use of her arm. According to her mother, Ruth Hall, Morgan has a long road ahead of her but is in good spirits as she just had vascular surgery today. Ms. Hall states every part of Morgan’s body was bitten except for her left leg and face.

According to Animal Control Officer Jason Speakman, no decision has been made on the fate of the dog; however, it is still quarantined.

“Detective Sergeant Ken Havlin has been assigned the criminal portion of the case and will send it to the prosecutor’s office for review.  

“Ms. Hall cannot thank Officer Combs enough as she feels that he and the other two assisting neighbors saved her daughter’s life.”


A Michigan City girl is in Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis with serious wounds she suffered when a dog attacked her Nov. 10, 2017, at Dunewood Trailer Park in Michigan City.

The girl, not identified by Michigan City Police, was attacked by the bull mastiff at about 7:40 a.m. Nov. 10 at the trailer park, located on U.S. 212.

An MCPD press release states that Officer Scott Combs arrived to find neighbors trying to beat off the 140-pound dog as it attacked the girl. The girl was able to break free and run toward a trailer, but the dog pursued and continued attacking. Combs tackled the dog, allowing the girl to escape into the trailer. He locked the dog into another room and then tended to the girl’s wounds. (Combs is also a certified EMT.)

The dog was impounded and is being held in quarantine.

“Our thoughts and prayers will be with the young victim in hopes that she survives this horrible dog attack,” the MCPD release stated.

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  1. Amazing

    Nov 11. 2017

    Great job Officer Combs! God sent a certified EMT police officer to a little girl who needed it most! God bless you.

    Prayers to the little girl and her family.

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  2. Lisa Hennessy Johnson

    Nov 14. 2017

    Thank God she will be ok, although she has a long road of recovery and healing ahead of her, both physically and emotionally. and what a blessing that Officer Combs was there, as well as all others that helped her during this horrible ordeal and after. i’m a little bothered by the fact that the dog is still quarantined. does it belong to a family member or friend that they’re having a hard time making a decision as to what to do… i really don’t know the process when things like this happen, or who or how it’s decided whether the dog should be put down or not, is why i’m asking?

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