5 people, including 3 kids, seriously injured in crash near fairgrounds

Press release from LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office:

The LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a crash between a sport utility vehicle and a semi tractor-trailer that left five people, including three children, seriously injured on Sunday night, Nov. 19, 2017. The crash occurred at 7 p.m. at the intersection of West Ind. 2 and 18th Street, in front of the LaPorte County Fairgrounds.

Two medical helicopters were called to assist the Scipio Township Fire Department and LaPorte County Emergency Medical Service, which responded with three ambulances and several off-duty personnel.

The preliminary investigation found that a white 2003 Mercury Mountaineer, occupied by five people, was traveling west on 18th and had stopped at the intersection of Ind. 2. After making the stop the Mountaineer pulled into the path of a blue 2018 International semi tractor-trailer that was traveling east. The driver of the Mountaineer told sheriff’s deputies that she thought the eastbound semi had to stop at the intersection.

Both drivers tested negative for alcohol consumption.

The names and ages of those involved in the crash are listed below:  

— Semi tractor-trailer: Michael Owen, 38, Francesville, IN (not injured)

— Mercury Mountaineer:

  • Myrna Santos, 36, Hammond, IN (driver; complaint of pain entire body)
  • Andre Santos, 16, Hammond (rear driver’s side, believed to have been ejected; internal injuries entire body – flown from scene
  • Josiyah Santos, 8, Hammond (rear middle seat; internal injuries to abdomen and pelvis – flown from hospital)
  • Aaliyah Santos, 12, Hammond (rear passenger’s side; complaint of pain entire body)
  • Janice Vasquez, 44, East Chicago, IN (front seat passenger; complaint of chest pain)

Memorial Med Flight responded to the scene while Lutheran Air responded to LaPorte Hospital. Ind. 2 was closed for traffic while the patients were treated and transported, as well as for the investigation. The highway was re-opened for travel at 8:30 p.m. 

7 Responses to “5 people, including 3 kids, seriously injured in crash near fairgrounds”

  1. pete anderson

    Nov 20. 2017

    I’ve lived by the old tracks for over 30 years now. W 18th is a drag strip. Over the years I’ve seen very spotty policing efforts on speeding. Police do it, county highway employees do it, no one is held accountable. Sixty five is the new thirty five.

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  2. Susan

    Nov 20. 2017

    St Rd 2 is full of speeders. I go the speed limit and cars are passing me going 20 mph faster!! I think the police should be watching St Rd 2 going toward Westville more closely.

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  3. Wow

    Nov 21. 2017

    No where in the article did it say anyone was speeding. The driver of the suv pulled out in front of a semi. What I don’t understand is if she thought the semi had to stop and it wasn’t slowing down why would she pull out in front of it.

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  4. lawman

    Nov 21. 2017

    what has speed to do with this accident. appears to be driver error on the SUV . imagine how the poor truck driver feels

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  5. Kylah

    Nov 21. 2017

    Leave them alone what if that happened to you would you want people to say” Aww well its their fault” NO you would want people to see if you were ok and you weren’t there how would you know, something could have happened that made her do that.

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    • Nani

      Nov 21. 2017

      Thank you kylah this was my family my cousin was the driver and my God son is the one that was flown out of vehicle. This is something very sad and devastating and I’m not gonna sit here and argue but thanks for your kind words. God bless you.

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