Police seeking person who shot 2 horses, cow; animals expected to recover

Nov. 27 press release from LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office: 

The LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an incident where two horses and a cow were shot. A sheriff’s deputy was dispatched on Thursday, Nov. 24, 2017, to meet with a resident in the 7300 East block of Emery Road in Hudson Lake regarding the horses being wounded. The deputy spoke with the property owner, who said he first observed the injuries to the horses around 4 p.m. the previous day. One horse was owned by the property owner and one horse was boarded at the same property.

One horse had what appeared to be a bullet wound in the right front leg; the other was injured in the left front leg. The complainant had been in contact with a veterinarian, who said the wounds were not life threatening and that it would be more dangerous to try to remove the bullets.

The deputy reported that the wounds had the appearance of a large-caliber bullet. The horses are kept in a large pasture that is visible from the road. The homeowner reported that he had not heard any gunshots prior to finding the wounded animals.

The sheriff’s office also learned via social media that a cow in a nearby pasture, unrelated to the horse pasture, may have also been wounded by a bullet. However, as of the time of this release no one has reported that to the sheriff’s department.

A detective has been assigned to this case and will be following up on leads. Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Sergeant Brian Piergalski at 219.326.7700 extension 2539

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  1. Animal Lover

    Nov 27. 2017

    I hope they find these losers and give them the harshest penalties allowed. Innocent creatures.

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