LaPorte man kills self after 6-hour standoff with police on Indiana Avenue

Press release from LaPorte Police Department:

On Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017, at approximately 1:55 p.m., officers from the LaPorte Police Department were dispatched to a residence in the 900 block of Indiana Avenue for a possible suicidal subject. The caller contacted LaPorte County 911, advising that he was having thoughts of suicide. Officers arrived and attempted to make contact with the caller, who refused to speak with police. Officers secured the area around the residence due to reports that the caller may be in possession of a firearm.

The LaPorte Police Department reached out to the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department to request assistance from their Emergency Response Team (ERT). ERT negotiators made contact with the caller and made every possible effort to have the caller exit his home to speak with officers. After several hours of negotiations, the caller advised negotiators that he would be coming out of his home to meet with officers. It was at that time the caller ended his own life while still inside his home. Officers from both agencies were finally released from the scene at 8:03 p.m.

Out of respect for surviving family members, the deceased’s name is not being released at this time.

The LaPorte Police Department would like to thank the following agencies/persons for their invaluable assistance: LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department, LaPorte County E911 Center, LaPorte County Emergency Medical Service, LaPorte Fire Department, Indiana State Department of Transportation (INDOT), LaPorte Street Department, and Rev. Paul Nesta and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

4 Responses to “LaPorte man kills self after 6-hour standoff with police on Indiana Avenue”

  1. Sandy

    Nov 30. 2017

    This is truly an epidemic in society that is often made silent because of WHAT? Stigma, embarrassment, those days are gone! Everyone knows someone who has gone through SOMETHING! Depression, mental illness, spiritual demons, call it whatever you want. It exists and it is real. If you have the least inkling that your loved one is suffering something, please, please get help for them. They will more than likely try to hide their suffering, but this is when we should not second guess ourselves. The victim called for help himself. Please family do not blame yourselves as I mentioned earlier, a lot of times the victim will try to hide his suffering, and one day, something is triggered, and there it goes. I pray you have peace, do not blame yourselves, and may the Spirit peace come upon you all.

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  2. Agree

    Nov 30. 2017

    Well said, Sandy!!!! Thank you.

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  3. Left LaPorte

    Dec 01. 2017

    Although I agree with most of your sentiment Sandy, there are people who don’t want help! No matter how much their loved ones, friends and others who help them have tried, often numerous times, they have chosen their path.

    Even when their loved ones and those close to them continue to try to help, including seeking help for them, learning more about what causes their suffering! Don’t you think this is hard of those of us who carry the burden for the person who is suffering, including their family, friends and others when everything seems to have failed? As bad as this sounds, it is ultimately their choice!

    THEY have to be willing to get the help that others are seeking for them! “Lead a horse to water……

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  4. Unknown

    Dec 03. 2017

    Well it may be their choice, but people don’t know what others are going through or have gone through. I worked in a mental health facility and let me tell you it is a eye opening experience. We can only hope that you can lead them to water. It is very hard for family and friends to carry that burden and I wish that we could really know what brings them to this point. With that being said I wish for the family prayers and god bless them. This is terrible.

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