2017 decides to go out like a lion: Heavy lake-effect snow cloaks most of LaPorte County

Dr. Gary Wheeland tries to keep up with the lake-effect snow in his driveway Dec. 31, 2017.

Angel Wellinski plows through the snow in her own way.

A lone tree and a semi and truck on the toll road are barely visible Sunday afternoon.

The iffy road conditions are evident on CR 400 W near Johnson Road.

A hardy shoveler and skater hit the rink in Soldiers Memorial Park Sunday.

Icicles hang on the Hair Diva building in LaPorte.

Pedestrians all bundled up on Lincolnway.

A butterfly bush draped with snow.

A LaPorte County Highway plow driver clears a road.

WNLP photos by Bob Wellinski; click to enlarge

While it was quite selective picking the spots it hit the hardest, that familiar finger (don’t make us name which finger) of lake-effect snow lingered over the heart of LaPorte County Sunday afternoon, Dec. 31, 2017. 

According to the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office in a 5 p.m. report: “Over the past two and a half hours … we have heard reports of 9″ of accumulation this afternoon. Police were inundated with reports of slide-offs and minor crashes.” 

While the lake effect shifted eastward on New Year’s Eve night, the wind was expected to kick up and blow the snow around, just making things more interesting in the frigid temperatures.

“We are asking people to stay off of the roads and advising against travel,” the sheriff’s office advised. And give a thought of appreciation to our snow plow drivers, tow truckers, police, firefighters, EMS, 911 dispatchers, hospital personnel, and other emergency responders. 

3 Responses to “2017 decides to go out like a lion: Heavy lake-effect snow cloaks most of LaPorte County”

  1. Gail Rae

    Jan 01. 2018

    Thank you, emergency staff. YOU are why we couch dwellers in LaPorte may look outside and say, “oh, it’s so pretty out there”, then go shopping later in the day! Happy New Year!!

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  2. Julie Kessler

    Jan 01. 2018

    Once again Bob Wellinski.delivers his own brand of outstanding photography. He captures the news and also lets us see the beautiful details, like the snow on the butterfly bush. Thanks, Bob!

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  3. Bill and Betty Swanson

    Jan 03. 2018

    We think Bob and his work are so special!

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