Officer who specializes in substance abuse prevention to speak at Civic March 20

Idaho Police Officer Jermaine Galloway, award-winning speaker on substance abuse prevention, will speak March 20 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the LaPorte Civic Auditorium. The public is invited to learn from Galloway during his presentation, “High in Plain Sight.”

Galloway, whose slogan is “Tall Cop Says Stop,” stands 6 feet, 9 inches. But rather than being intimidating, he engages people of all ages by teaching about various drug and alcohol trends. In addition to his numerous talks at conferences and other events, he has personally trained more than 105,000 people nationwide.

He has trained fellow officers, judges, educators, community leaders and many others in issues relating to drug and alcohol abuse, including:

Alcohol laws

Drug/alcohol trends

Drug identifiers, logos and clothing

Alcohol and energy drinks

Drug concealment

Galloway says many years of experience have taught him one thing above all else: “You can’t stop what you don’t know.”

“I’ve seen the ever-evolving drug culture trends sweep across our country,” Galloway says on his website. “For many people, it’s hard to keep up with these trends, and especially to understand what they all mean. Unless you understand the culture, you won’t see it at all.

All over our nation, communities struggle to deal with underage drinking and drug usage. What can we do about these issues? Are we just going to meet up and ‘round table’ them every month? Or are we going to get out there and do something to fix the problems?

That’s where Tall Cop Says Stop comes in. Through education, prevention and enforcement, my presentations address underage drinking and drug problems and empower you to detect these problems and fight them within your own community.”

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