Book “Why Does God Let It Happen?” to be discussed March 14 

Led by Rev. Kit Billings, LaPorte New Church, 812 Indiana Ave., will host an introduction to the book “Why Does God Let It Happen?” authored by Bruce Henderson on Wednesday, March 14, from 6:30-8 p.m. in the church sanctuary. As always, this is an event open to and serving the community.

In this simple, straightforward book, Henderson tackles some of the most difficult questions that people of faith face in their lives after tragic losses, injustice or suffering.

Drawing from the wisdom of visionary Emanuel Swedenborg, who wrestled with these same questions more than 200 years ago, Henderson describes a universe in which God allows us free will and choice while remaining compassionately with us as we suffer, subtly guiding the course of our lives with an insight and love most mortals struggle to comprehend. Pain and suffering ultimately can lead to good, and as we walk the path, we draw ever closer to heaven. He writes that followers of the Lord need to use loving kindness in how we support those who suffer, using words that heal, trusting that God is gently leading us in pathways of healing and growth. The questions ultimately are not why these things happen, but what good can come of them? Will we allow our tragedies to soften our hearts, and how can we use our gift of free will to create a better world for ourselves and others? In this, Henderson says, “God is our partner and guiding hand, turning pain toward hope and trust.”

From this program, if there is further interest, Rev. Kit will lead a series of evening programs at Manna House. Books will be available for sale at the church and are also online at minimal cost as an e-book.

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