Candidates set for May 8 LaPorte County Primary Election

Listed below are candidates in the May 8, 2018, LaPorte County Primary, as released by the LaPorte County Clerk’s Office. (The candidate filing period for the primary has ended.) Included on the county ballot in this primary election are some U.S., state and LaPorte County offices, as well as numerous township offices.

Voting in the primary

In Indiana primaries, when you go to vote, you will be asked to choose either a Republican or Democratic ballot. Your ballot will therefore list either all Democratic or all Republican candidates. You may choose either regardless of how you may have voted in the past. In this way the primary differs from the November general election, when your ballot will show candidates of all parties who advanced from the primaries.

Also note that your ballot will contain only the candidate races that apply to the districts/townships in which you reside.

If you don’t know your polling place to go and vote, call the LaPorte County Voter Registration Office at 219-325-5572. A list of polling places is also pending at the Voter Registration office website:

Register to vote by April 9

If you are not registered to vote, the deadline to register is April 9, 2018, if you want to vote in the May primary. Or if you want to register beyond that date to be ready for the November election, register before Oct. 9. It’s easier than ever to register; do so online at or at your local Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Here are the candidates on the LaPorte County ballots:


U.S. Senate

Joe Donnelly, D

Mike Braun, R

Luke Messer, R

Todd Rokita, R

U.S. Congress, District 1

Jeremy Belko, R

David Dopp, R

Roseann Ivanovich, R

Mark Leyva, R

John Meyer, R

Nicholas Pappas, R

Larry Chubb, D

Tony Daggett Sr., D

Pete Visclosky, D

U.S. Congress, District 2

Jackie Walorski, R

Douglas Carpenter, D

Pat Hackett, D

Mel Hall, D

Joshi Yatis, D

Roland Leech, D

John Petroff, D


State Senate, District 4

Cole Stultz, R

Karen Tallian, D

State representative, District 8

Ryan Dvorak, D

State representative, District 9

Patricia “Pat” Boy, D

Sean Fitzpatrick, D

Dan Granquist, R

Duane Perry, R

State representative, District 20

Jim Pressel, R


Judge, LaPorte County Circuit Court

Thomas Alevizos, D

LaPorte County prosecuting attorney

John Espar, D

John Lake, D

LaPorte County sheriff

John Boyd, R

LaPorte County assessor

Michael “Mike” Schultz, D

LaPorte County Commissioner, District 1

Sheila Brillson, D

Connie Gramarossa, R

LaPorte County Council, District 1

Terry Garner, R

Justin Kiel, R

Dan Van Schoyck, R

LaPorte County Council, District 2

Randy Novak, D

Dennis Metheny, R

Jim Rice, R

LaPorte County Council, District 3

Mark Yagelski, D

Christopher Jackson, R

LaPorte County Council, District 4

Cary Kirkham, R

Michael Rosenbaum, R

Steve Holifield, D


Michigan Township assessor

Scott Bell, D

Steven Pawlak, D

Cass Township trustee

Dara Guse, R

Cass Township Board

James Irwin, D

Jeffrey Mitzner, R

Brian Pressel, R

Tricia Rosenbaum, R

Jacqueline (Treece) Tharp, R

Center Township trustee

Lisa Pierzakowski, R

Greg Wallen, D

Center Township Board

Elzbieta “Ela” Bilderback, R

Amy Burris, R

Scott Ford, D

Nick Rebac, R

Paul Vincent, R

Donna Weist, R

Robert Wellinski, R

Clinton Township trustee

Sean Fagan, R

Carissa Sherwood, R

Clinton Township Board

Jerard Land, R

Michael Niksch, R

Coolspring Township trustee

Jackline “Jackie” Atwater, D

Sharon Metheny, R

Coolspring Township Board

Lasquilla (Quala) Cooper, D

Lula Lewis, D

Laura Peo, D

Monica Prosser, D

Dewey Township trustee

Dick “Uncle Nippy” Bucher, R

Dewey Township Board

Paul “Mail Man” Malecki, R

Brian McMahan, R

Amber Rust, R

Larry Rust, R

Galena Township trustee

Edward Hynek, D

Galena Township Board

Thomas Conway, D

Kim Sauers, D

Mary Jane Thomas, D

Hanna Township trustee

Glenn Wallace, R

Hanna Township Board

Brian Garner, R

Allen Stevens, R

Dave Urschel, R

Tony Wallace, R

Hudson Township trustee

Joyce Forbes, D

Thomas Euler, R

Hudson Township Board

Jack DeGroote, D

Diane Richardson, D

Michael Rizzo, D

Kankakee Township trustee

Steve Lestinsky Jr., R

Kankakee Township Board

Thomas Thode, R

Kevin Wheatbrook, R

Thomas Wheatbrook, R

Lincoln Township trustee

Dennis Christensen, D

Lincoln Township Board

Mark Emerick, D

John McDaniel, D

Yolanda Spence, D

Michigan Township trustee

Rodney Washington, D

Soljourna Atwater, D

Jeff Deuitch, D

Keith Harris, R

Pat Kowalski, D

Agnes Meer, D

Deborah “Deb” Vance, R

Michigan Township Board

Kay Blash-Jones, D

Melody Farmer, D

Clarence Finnie, D

Rosada “Rose” Gardner, D

Sharon Gralik, D

George Kazmierczak, D

David McCray, D

Ryan Reynolds Sr., D

Susan Webster, D

New Durham Township trustee

Phil Hannon, D

New Durham Township Board

Suzanne Burns, D

Michael Coulter, D

James Ingram, R

Warren Smith, R

Noble Township trustee

David Doepping, R

Noble Township Board

Glenn Schlundt, R

Wayne Schoof, R

Pleasant Township trustee

Susan Cable, R

Pleasant Township Board

Edward Burek, D

Bette Conroy, D

Susan McClain, R

Prairie Township trustee

Robert Younggreen, R

Prairie Township Board

Phyllis Gorski, D

Dan Meder, R

Sherry Younggreen, R

Scipio Township trustee

Patricia Kimmel, D

Kaelynn (Ludlow) Deckard, R

Scipio Township Board

Walt Conlin Jr., R

Carl “Harv” Harvey, R

Paul Lindeman, R

Richard Rutz, R

Springfield Township trustee

Howard Conley, R

Springfield Township Board

Jerry Cooley, D

Daniel Kilgore, R

Matthew Sikorski, D

Union Township trustee

Sherian “Sherry” Morris, D

Pat James, D

Union Township Board

Evelyn Ballinger, D

Carolyn Beaty, D

Dorthea “Dot” Decker, D

Betty Evans, D

Versie Jeffries, D

Cassie Lipscomb, D

Washington Township trustee

Loretta Rudolph, D

Washington Township Board

Harold Barr, R

Tracey Cummins, D

Bruce Vermilyer, D

Wills Township trustee

Joan Cuson, D

Wills Township Board

David Conley, D

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