County council candidate Jim Rice says council lacks foresight regarding EMS

Press release from Jim Rice


Jim Rice, candidate for LaPorte County Council District 2, took the council to task for what he called its negligent handling of critical EMS needs.

“Since 2009, the LaPorte County Emergency Medical Service leadership has requested expansion of program services by adding another ambulance to the fleet, along with an EMT staff to manage it. On May 29 and then again on June 18, EMS Administrator Andrew McGuire’s request was denied a motion of support by the council. The council’s decision not to support an additional ambulance and crew indicates a lack of foresight and makes the need for long-term strategic planning abundantly clear. Mr. McGuire has kept the council informed of the growing number of response calls over the last several years. He reported that from 2009 to 2017, calls have increased from 11,515 to 15,647.

Moreover, the current year is pointing to another significant increase in calls, adding stress to an already overworked staff and overburdened vehicles. Despite the clear and present danger, and risk to the welfare of our citizenry in terms of maintaining acceptable EMS response times, the council has inexplicably failed to plan for this need,” Rice said.

“The Council’s response to this latest request to expand and improve the services of the EMS program was to say no monies have been allocated in this year’s budget to fund the request. The question is, having been aware of  this growing need in the EMS program since 2009, why did the council fail to plan ahead and begin allocating funds to address this issue? One council member suggested using one of the spare ambulances to meet the need and add new crew members when funds become available. What the council appears to forget is that these spare vehicles are put in service temporarily while the regular ambulances are being repaired or in for maintenance. This notion was unacceptable to Mr. McGuire, and for most reasonable thinking people, has no merit,” Rice said.

“As a retired school district superintendent, I have the managerial expertise to know the importance of proper planning to ensure that critical services are provided to our citizens. A strategic plan is created for the purpose of addressing  long-range needs. It is developed with input from department heads, administrators, community patrons, and elected officials. If attention had been given to the development of a long-range plan, perhaps the county would have the equipment and staff needed to service us efficiently and effectively.

“There are many issues facing our county in the foreseeable future. These range from improving and developing services for people with addiction, people who are homeless, people who are aging, and those with disabilities, to construction of a bypass around LaPorte. I support Mr. McGuire’s request to expand EMS services, because it is clear that response times to parts of our county put the lives and welfare of our citizens at outrageous and unacceptable risk. With all this in mind, I strongly urge the county council to formulate a strategic plan allowing  them to better address the issues facing our community, so that we never have a situation again in which, even with 10 years of lead time, the county council continues to sacrifice public safety as a direct consequence of derelict planning. We can and we MUST do better,” Rice concluded.

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  1. Good Point

    Jul 16. 2018

    Mr.Rice makes a valid point. While being prudent with taxpayer dollars is important, isn’t it being imprudent by not planning ahead and more importantly, making a work environment that fosters good employees and doesn’t chase them off due to overloaded schedules?

    Plus, don’t the citizens deserve the best we can offer them when it comes to emergency services? It is sad that the residents in the northeast part of the county lack the same coverage as the remainder of the county.

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