Who doesn’t love our lakes? Help clean them up on Aug. 18

Join members of the LaPorte Area Lake Association on its annual Lake Cleanup Day from 9-11:30 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 18.

The cleanup crew gathers at Kiwanis-Teledyne Park off Pine Lake Avenue, then splits into groups to clear shorelines. The association supplies garbage bags and rubber gloves.

Peggy and Ed Hartman will provide a great picnic lunch for all volunteers after the cleanup.

To sign up and for more information, visit the Lake Cleanup Day page on Facebook.

3 Responses to “Who doesn’t love our lakes? Help clean them up on Aug. 18”

  1. Upsetcitizen

    Aug 13. 2018

    Why do the citizens need to help clean the lakes. City keeps building condos and stuff . It’s coming to the point there will be no where to see the lakes. Now they had to shut down Clear Lake for a full drive around the lake so they can build out priced condos for the non rich citzens but you non rich citizens can clean it up so the rich doesn’t have to get their hands dirty. What a crock!

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  2. Anon

    Aug 13. 2018

    While I don’t believe LP is infested with “rich people who don’t want to get their hands dirty”, I do believe we have well off citizens who would be willing to help out. I do agree with everything else the top person said though. Don’t ask us to help clean something that we will soon have no access to. Keep turning LP into a progressive town for leftists and there will soon be no reason for the average joe to live here.

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  3. lawman

    Aug 15. 2018

    as a person who loves our lakes and who is also an avid bike rider I question this ”road to nowhere” around the old chalmers area for this ”will come later” stuff. current roads are terrible! if you move over to let cars by you risk cracking a tire or rim. . lake shore dr. around stone lake is horrible. some roads even post ”rough pavement ”signs. as for help in clean up-how about people serving time in detention facilities for less than violent crime-or is this a violation of their rights? a lot of manpower there. other roads-18th street and Andrew ave are in dire need of repair also. putting up a few bike route signs do not improve roads. an wow-painting a circle around them is a read ”idea”. you move away from the circle and hit another without a painted circle. just some thoughts.

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