Zigler Road yard waste drop-off site temporarily relocated

If you plan to haul some tree and yard waste to the LaPorte County Solid Waste District site on Zigler Road, please note that the site has been temporarily relocated nearby.

While the new Zigler compost facility is being constructed, those bringing branches, trees, grass clippings and leaves are being directed by signage to the temporary location. Turn off of Zigler Road onto the fairgrounds road near the 4-H Horse Arena. Do not use the drive with the red gate. Follow the road and you’ll see the drop-off site on the right.

The site is available for drop-off from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. daily. The terrain is rugged, and residents are advised to use it at their own risk.

For more information, call the SWCD at 219-326-0014.

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  1. Rama

    Aug 22. 2018

    It would be nice if those who are hauling debris on a trailer, to pull to the back so they aren’t blocking others from entering. Two of us waited at least ten minutes a few weeks ago for a man who had to blow every bit of debis off his trailer with a blower, then started to leave and noticed his tailgate still down on his trailer, so proceeded to get out, put it up, then hook up his backpack blower again and blow every single spot of dust off his trailer. Really? Two of us waited patiently while you took your time blocking the entrance. People need to use some common sense. This is a privilege for us to be able to offload our yard waste. Be kind!!

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