County council candidate Holifield addresses current issues, future goals  

Steve Holifield

My name is Steve Holifield, and I am currently running for LaPorte County Council District 4. I would like to explain why I am running for office.

I am doing this on my own dime, so I am only going to be held accountable to the taxpayers and not parties or special interests. I am running on the Democratic ticket. I am not your conventional Democrat, nor am I running a conventional campaign. In my opinion, both parties have failed the taxpayer. If you notice in the news, they act like children on the playground at recess instead of focusing on the needs of the taxpayers and our wallets.

Remember, folks, all the money the government collects belongs to the taxpayer. They are currently using three phrases to convince you they know the best uses for your money.

The first phrase being used is, “For the safety of the public.” I feel that is something we should be responsible for. We have a wonderful Sheriff’s Department as well as  fire protection and EMT services to provide our community with safety. There is no need for the government to use our money on pet projects. Common sense and personal responsibility will do a much better job of this than government spending, regulations and bureaucracy.

The second phrase is, “Economic Development.” The government’s job is not, nor has it ever been, to create jobs. This is best left to private enterprise. It is their job to do this: Lower taxes, less regulations and smaller government with less interference will lead to increased economic development and bring better-paying jobs to our area.

The final phrase — and in my opinion, the most absurd — is,  “Better quality of life.” I , as I am sure most taxpayers, feel that my quality of life is much better when I get to keep more of my money and choose to spend it myself.

A couple of points that have been making the news lately are the building of a new EMT station, the possibility of hiring six new EMTs and adding a new ambulance, and also very important in my opinion, the continued funding for a Veterans Service Officer to spend more time in Michigan City.

Starting with the new EMT station. This is not something to be rushed into. Yes, there is a time crunch, but some serious thought should be given for its placement for better service and possible future expansion — not just placing it somewhere that is landlocked, such as the jail was in 1978. This is a vital service. One that is needed for the taxpayer, and care should be given to where it is placed to make sure it can cover the entire county in a timely manner.

This next point goes along with the first. If, and yes I said if, it is decided there is a need for hiring six new EMTs and purchasing another ambulance, then it must be done in a fiscally responsible way. There must be cuts made in funding and staffing in other county departments. Most of this can be done over a couple of years with the use of attrition, such as not replacing staff members as they retire or leave. There are many private businesses that offer services like payroll, human resources and technology services. They can do this much cheaper and more efficiently than government entities.

The third topic is the VSO office. I have spoken with several veterans, and they all have said the same thing. This person is the first step in finding out where to get the services they earned and deserve. These veterans have sacrificed to protect our right to question everything our government does with our money. Questioning them is something that should be done on almost everything they do with our money. If our veterans feel they need this service, then we should do everything to find the funding for them. Again, difficult decisions like cuts in other departments may be needed. As I’ve suggested, attrition can be used to help with this.

As I work to find answers for potential solutions for the issues listed above, I also want you to know who I am. I have lived in LaPorte County since 1974. I graduated from LaPorte High School in 1984. I am 52 years old and have three children, a 31-year-old stepson, Travis; a 25-year-old daughter, Samantha; and a 21-year-old daughter, Allison. I am a farmer and operate a hay and livestock farm in Lincoln Township. I purchased this farm from my parents. I served on the Fish Lake Conservancy District Board for its first six years as the finance officer. During this time, I created the annual budget for the district. I also served on the Lincoln Township Advisory Board. Both positions were elected.

This is my third run for county council.  I am doing this run in a very unconventional approach to campaigning.  With my business keeping me busy, you will not see me at many public gatherings. I have never picked my choice of candidate this way. I feel it is better to find out their stance on the issues that are important to me. But I can assure you, I will be in attendance of each and every council meeting, if elected.

If you have questions about any of my positions, you can reach me by cell phone at 219-608-0208 or email at I also have a Facebook page: I am also a member, and I post on several local Facebook pages. Please feel free to contact me in any of these ways with any questions you may have. Those who know me understand that I am a straightforward, to-the-point person. I may not give you the answer you like, but it will be my honest answer.

The people in LaPorte County need fresh new voices and ideas to help move our community in the right direction. A smaller, more efficient government with less regulations will lead to lower taxes and better government. Remember, as taxpayers, we hold the power to make a better future for our children and grandchildren, but only if we exercise our right to vote. If I am elected and do not make good on my promises, then by all means feel free to vote me out in 2022. Don’t forget to vote Nov. 6.

Steve Holifield

Candidate for LaPorte County Council, District 4

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  1. Michael Wiley Combs

    Aug 31. 2018

    Go Steve Go!

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  2. Bob Garrelts

    Sep 02. 2018

    Steve – Need a sign for my yard. Good Luck!!

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  3. Carol Holifield

    Sep 03. 2018

    Steve is my son & I know he is an honest forthright person. The important matters he talks about are close to his heart. Please vote for him.

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  4. Mark Wright

    Sep 14. 2018

    Thanks for sharing, you appear to be a conservative. Nothing wrong with that, the democratic party needs more people like you. That party (Democrats) have lost focus of America by those who get elected that are to far left (socialistic) wanting higher taxes, open borders, and gear us toward a globalist system that will ruin our Republic, our Liberty and make us comply with NATO laws. I wish you the best of luck, just wished you had chosen a Republican ticket.

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    • Steve Holifield

      Sep 23. 2018

      Thank you for your comments. No I am not your typical Democrat. I vote for the person not the party. I feel that voting only along party lines has gotten us to where we are today. Thanks and I hope I have gained your vote but something tells me no. That is your right and I respect that.

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