Citizen endorses Gramarossa for county commissioner

I am writing this letter in support of Connie Gramarossa. As I got to know Connie, I realized that she is a very humble person who will not, even for political gain, toot her own horn. A woman of character who, when faced with the challenge of raising a disabled child, went back to school and became a special education teacher. That’s taking dedication to a whole new level. I am certain she will continue to give the job of Commissioner the same level of focus and will not let us down. This is a woman who is not afraid to stand her ground. Not pretentious, but determined to give us the best representation without the flash and smoke of her opponent.

Do we want loud and showy or do we want calm and collected? Connie’s opponent has many years of experience, but as we all know, decades in the political game often creates career politicians with agendas of their own. Let’s give fresh blood the chance to lead our county, and let’s not fall for her opponent’s public persona.

As I witnessed at a recent candidate forum, Sheila Brillson has some nasty claws and doesn’t hesitate to use them, lashing out in a fury because Connie held her accountable for evading the question of whether Sheila would be a full time Commissioner or not. It showed me a “mean” girl who feels that because she is back, she is entitled to get what she wants.

Connie Gramarossa is a measured, hard-working candidate, conscientious, and committed to all of us. I believe she is the kind of woman we need in this office. I plan on supporting her on November 6, and I urge you to vote for Connie Gramarossa, the best choice for Commissioner.

Elzbieta Bilderback, LaPorte

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