Democratic prosecutor candidate Lake offers his qualifications, goals

Last year, I took the bold step to run for prosecutor knowing that I did not have any political backing, but I believed that stepping up was the right thing to do for LaPorte County. Having worked as a deputy prosecutor here for 23 years, I knew that the prosecutor’s office was failing victims, law enforcement, and the justice system on a daily basis. I believed that I could provide the vision and leadership lacking in the office, and I still do. Although the odds of me prevailing against the incumbent were not great, I was chosen as the Democratic candidate based on my experience, integrity, and vision.

It is my qualifications and passion for seeking justice for every victim, assisting law enforcement to find the truth on every case, and safeguarding the rights of the accused, that have earned me endorsements from many experienced prosecutors, attorneys, law enforcement officers, unions, and the LaPorte Fraternal Order of Police. They all recognize that I am passionate about justice and about doing the job the right way.  

I am a devoted husband, proud father of seven children, lifelong resident of LaPorte County, honors graduate of Notre Dame, graduate of Notre Dame Law School, with over 24 years of successful prosecutorial experience.  

With your support, we can restore the balance of justice in this county and help combat the endless cycle of domestic abuse, drug abuse, and hopelessness that prevails in parts of our community. Together we can free up law enforcement to do what they do best — follow the evidence, seek the truth, and correctly find the person who committed the crime. Together we will see that that justice is done for every victim, in every case, in every court.  

I ask for your support and vote on November 6.  

John Lake

Democratic Candidate for LaPorte County Prosecutor

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