Stabosz endorses Gramarossa for county commissioner

As a LaPorte City Councilman, I have the responsibility to stand up when it is important, and support candidates who I believe will best serve our people. Such is the case with Connie Gramarossa for County Commissioner, who I am enthused to endorse. Connie has a no-nonsense, authentic quality to her that suits the sensibilities of us Midwestern types. What you see is what you get, and that is refreshing, reassuring, and comforting to see in a “politician.” Moreover, Connie has a background in business. She has an MBA degree, which is significant, because having someone as County Commissioner who understands efficiency, effectiveness, and cost containment will make for a better run government.

Connie also has a Special Education degree, providing a balanced skill set between businesswoman and educator. (She did not “cut her teeth” in government, and is NOT a career politician.)

Connie is independent, thinks for herself, and will not be “rolled over.”  She has the interest of the citizens at heart, is analytical, conscientious, approachable, and will fight for what is right. She has gumption, and grabs the bull by the horns when suffering a setback. She cares about people, knows how to listen, and is not vain, self-absorbed, self-important, or highfalutin’.

I believe it is important that the position of Commissioner be filled by someone who has committed to be full time in the position. The job is too important to accept anything less. Connie has made this commitment, but her opponent has, inexplicably, refused to make a similar commitment.

For me, the choice is clear. Connie Gramarossa has the experience, the character, the integrity, and the commitment to make her the best choice for the job. I heartily endorse her for election to the position of County Commissioner.

Timothy Stabosz

LaPorte City Councilman At-Large

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  1. Jane Dough

    Nov 01. 2018

    If Timmy is behind her, then that is good enough for me….not to cast my vote for her. Don’t trust him or what he is peddling. Running candidates so he can become the party bigwig…nope, never, if he is behind her I am not.

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