Lake says letter printed in newspaper was libelous

I agree 100% that integrity and honesty are necessary for the elected prosecutor. I have run my campaign on my integrity and have received countless endorsements because of it. Nevertheless, now David Henke’s letter printed in the Nov. 4 paper without any retraction by the News-Dispatch falsely attacks my integrity, honesty and character.

The News-Dispatch printed that I was “formally suspended for unethical conduct.”

This statement is false.

It is libel.

It is utterly ridiculous.

I don’t know Mr. Henke, but I do know that he is an Espar supporter. I don’t know where he got his information, but it actually takes less than 30 seconds to check on the status of an attorney’s license with the Indiana Supreme Court. My license shows that I have no disciplinary history, let alone a formal suspension for unethical conduct.

So why was this allowed to be printed? Why would such a false statement be allowed in print on the eve of an election? A sad day to wake up to a false letter. A sadder day to know that this letter should never have been printed with this statement if someone was not either asleep at the switch or deliberately acting against the interests of a candidate.  

I can only surmise what the News-Dispatch editor’s thought process was when he reviewed Mr. Henke’s letter. “Wow, the letter says that John Lake was formally suspended for unethical conduct? I should probably check that information out with the Supreme Court records that are easily accessible online or see if we printed an article about such an important subject in the past … . Nah, let’s run with it because I can’t take the time to check on it.”  

Or did they check and still print it, knowing it was false?

Do you think for one second that if I had been “formally suspended for unethical conduct” that it would not have popped up at some point previously? Do you think it may have been a “newsworthy” subject, front page top-of-the-fold type news, if I had been found to have committed some unethical conduct in the past, especially when I have run for judge and now prosecutor?

I wonder if the editor thought: “Perhaps I should contact John Lake and ask him about it before printing this letter?” Nope, didn’t happen, but I wonder if the thought was there.

In this election season, it is obvious that the truth does not matter and any type of campaign tactic will be utilized to try to secure an election. For the prosecutor’s race, if you want a “win at all costs” prosecutor, then I am not your candidate. I actually follow the rules, because I respect the rules. I believe that a person is “presumed innocent until proven guilty” because that is their Constitutional right.  I believe that the rights of the accused should be safeguarded, especially the presumption of innocence. Unfortunately it is clear that my opponent and her father do not share that belief based on the most recent mailer that they sent out.

A sad day for me, but a sadder day for LaPorte County if the Espars win on Tuesday.

John Lake

Candidate for LaPorte County Prosecutor

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  1. Betty Wonch

    Nov 05. 2018

    No respectable news outlet should ever print that type of information without confirmation. There is No excuse for this irresponsible behavior when it happens.

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  2. Concerned Citizen

    Nov 06. 2018

    The polls are closed…The News Dispatch is not worthy of being bird dropping fodder. It is quite clear that they are not objective, rather they are partisan in favor of the Espars. All you can do is not buy their paper nor patronize advertisers.

    Hopefully this will end their business and maybe someone will come along who is objective and writes the truth. It’s not that hard…I believe that Mr. Lake will win by a wide margin and that the average citizen will reject Ms. Espar.

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