A shout out to Steven

By Sharon Birlson Kirkham This is a “shout out” to a fine young man by the name of Steven who lives in Fairfield subdivision in LaPorte, who came to my rescue after I took an unscheduled ... Continue Reading →

Cop (with more hair at the time) recalls what he had to do 25 years ago to end rogue buck’s downtown destruction

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sometimes officers are called upon to put animals out of their misery. That was the case 25 years ago when a buck, after sustaining injuries as it crashed into several ... Continue Reading →

Plans under way to replace destroyed Rumely Historical Marker on hospital grounds

By Fern Eddy Schultz, LaPorte County Historian Recent destruction of the Rumely Historical Marker, which was located on the northwest corner of Lincolnway and Madison Street, has ... Continue Reading →

Dr. William H. Wishard honed his medical skills in La Porte — but where’s his diploma? (And for that matter, where is Dr. Mayo’s?)

By Fern Eddy Schultz, La Porte County Historian Dr. William Henry Wishard was born near Carlisle, Kentucky, January 17, 1816, and died in Indianapolis in 1913. When he was 22 years ... Continue Reading →

Saving Bubby: “We shaved a few seconds off the clock”

By Mike Kellems WNLP EDITOR’S NOTE: Family members continue to report that Edward “Bubby” Burek-Phillips, 3, is making progress in his recovery at Comer Children’s Hospital ... Continue Reading →

Robert Kennedy (check out this rare video!), Earhart, Roosevelt, Hope, and more visited LaPorte County

WNLP EDITOR’S NOTE: The rest of the story — Along with this column, Fern included a different photo of Robert Kennedy speaking in LaPorte. After a little research we learned ... Continue Reading →

Purdue University Northwest: a regional powerhouse

By Leigh Morris Northwest Indiana is blessed with great institutions of higher education, including Indiana University Northwest, Valparaiso University, Calumet College of St. Joseph, ... Continue Reading →

A visit with Mr. Ralph Howes Sr., a gentleman and a hero

By Sharon Birlson Kirkham Recently a high school friend mentioned that it was Vietnam Veterans Day, and that he had received more thanks that day than when he returned home back in ... Continue Reading →

Remembering a local mentor, teacher, coach and true gentleman: Blaine Gamble

EDITOR’S NOTE: Blaine Gamble, who died April 17, 2017, was a teacher, coach and sports correspondent — and so much more. After his employment years he continued to mentor athletes ... Continue Reading →

We’ve Come a Long Way! (And oh, about that missing 3rd floor downtown …)

By Fern Eddy Schultz, LaPorte County Historian With all of the renovation that has taken place in the main LaPorte County Public Library, it might be interesting to note that the ... Continue Reading →