LaPorte’s Rumely and Allis-Chalmers history come alive at newly opened heritage center

Photos and information by Bob Wellinski (Click on photos to enlarge) More than 100 people visited the Rumely Allis-Chalmers LaPorte Heritage Center on its first day open to the ... Continue Reading →

Pioneerland Ag Days enable kids to get up close and personal with flora and fauna

Photos and information by Bob Wellinski (Click on photos to enlarge) More than 300 people attended the annual LaPorte County Agriculture and Earth Day Celebration Saturday, April ... Continue Reading →

Sunset + skyline = a dazzling evening

Photos by Mike Kellems (click to enlarge) Mike picked a glorious evening to get some shots of the sunset and Chicago’s skyline looming in the distance April 17, 2017. As the ... Continue Reading →

Easter’s on its way: time for some fun with the floppy-eared big guy

WNLP photos by Bob Wellinski (click to enlarge) More than 100 kids scampered through the grounds of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in LaPorte during its annual Easter Egg Hunt ... Continue Reading →

Rainbow, and gold at rainbow’s end

WNLP’s Bob Wellinski and WNLP contributor Shannon Woods were camera ready as a glorious rainbow appeared Sunday evening, March 26, 2017, after a rather dreary day. And Shannon ... Continue Reading →

Modernized, more user-friendly LaPorte Library debuts

Photos by Bob Wellinski (click to enlarge) Preserving the handsome and historic Carnegie Library structure, the LaPorte County Public Library’s main branch debuted the weekend ... Continue Reading →

February departs: What a show-off

Photos by Bob Wellinski; click to enlarge Shirtsleeve weather followed by pouring rain, thunder, lightning, and a little hail thrown in just for fun. April? Hah! That’s how February ... Continue Reading →

An important lesson these days: respect

Photos and information from LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office (Click photos to enlarge) Mrs. Ludwig’s pre-kindergarten class at Crichfield Elementary School recently gave a warm ... Continue Reading →

Feast your eyes on these Great Shots

How about a little break from the world? WNLP readers provide it here with some amazing photos. If you want to share a Great Shot of a local scene or event, email it as a .jpg file ... Continue Reading →

Great Shots: Here’s a great reminder that we live in a beautiful place

Sure, LaPorte has things that need fixing; what community doesn’t? This photo sent to WNLP by Kenzi Carmel is a good reminder of the beauty we enjoy regularly via our lakes and parks ... Continue Reading →