Great Shots: Courthouse hawks update — my, how they’ve grown!

(Click photos to enlarge) UPDATE JUNE 10: The top two photos show Pastor Carl Galloway’s shots of the young hawks on their majestic courthouse perch during the 2nd week ... Continue Reading →

Indiana Department of Agriculture invites you to submit your photos

With more than 14 million acres of farmland across the state, Indiana’s $38 billion agriculture industry touches the life of every Hoosier. The Indiana Department of Agriculture ... Continue Reading →

Great Shot: Even turkey vultures find serenity in a cemetery

Cemeteries are beautiful, historic and fascinating places. Humans are apparently not alone in thinking that. These turkey vultures enjoyed  the serenity of the St. Joe and St. ... Continue Reading →

Robin’s egg blue in all its natural glory

WNLP photo by Bob Wellinski Who knows — he might have climbed a tree or dangled out a window to get this shot. But Wellinski got this photo of a robin’s nest of future ... Continue Reading →

Kellems kicks some tires in Pit Row at Indy 500 “Fast Friday”

WNLP story and photos by Mike Kellems Growing up the the Hoosier State, it is hard not to be aware of the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing.” I’m not a big fan ... Continue Reading →

Great Shots: Hello, you handsome fella

LaPorte County photographer Mary Ketchmark wrote to WNLP: “Been keeping tabs on these eagles in Valpo. This one sat on a branch above me for about 20 minutes and posed for pictures. ... Continue Reading →

Great Shots: a trip to the moon on gossamer wings

Mike Kellems took in the sunset and the moonrise on one of the first warm(ish?) evenings of spring 2018 at Washington Park in Michigan City April 29, 2018. “The full moon was ... Continue Reading →

Great Shots: It’s a duck! It’s a goose! It’s a … pelican?

This is a time of year when we can enjoy spotting some feathered visitors as they pass through on their long journeys. Pastor Carl Galloway took these photos of some pelicans — ... Continue Reading →

Great Shot: nature’s chain of survival

It’s not a breakfast many of us would choose. But bald eagles, the beautiful raptors we’ve welcomed back to the area in recent years, find their meals where they can — a ... Continue Reading →

Jaycees warm up kids’ day with annual Easter fun

WNLP photos by Bob Wellinski It was a bit brisk for the bunnies (of both animal and human persuasion) out there, but kids got their blood flowing in the most enjoyable of ways ... Continue Reading →