County hails restoration of rail lines in Kingsbury Industrial Park

Kingsbury Industrial Park (GLEDC photo)

Kingsbury Industrial Park (GLEDC photo)

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LaPorte County officials and JBC Rail Services hailed the arrival of the first new rail traffic at Kingsbury Industrial Park in more than 20 years as JBC Rail announced it had landed new customers who are now sending rail cars into the industrial park.

While rail traffic has used both South Shore Freight and CN lines for many years for existing customers at KIP, LaPorte County Office of Economic Development Director Dave Christian said “JBC’s investment in restoring rail lines north of Hupp Road has brought us new customers into the park for the first time in a long time.”

Jim Carroll, whose Illinois-based firm handles rail traffic for a number of Fortune 500 firms, commended the county for “a high level of cooperation and support in getting these new firms located here. While the new jobs will be modest at first, what I’ve found is that word gets around to the logistics community that we have shovel-ready sites in a rail-served industrial park and that becomes very attractive to them.”

JBC, in conjunction with C&D Rail, whose firm handled all the track work, built the new railyard at KIP in connection with Midwest Warehousing. Carroll said the “yard has the capacity to store 300 railcars right now and is looking to expand to 1,200 cars in 2016. In addition to railcar storage, the yard is equipped to do warehousing, transloading and light car maintenance. JBC’s vision for this rail yard is coming to fruition.”

“This county, through the leadership of the commissioners and the council, are focused like a laser on bringing new jobs and opportunities to the Kingsbury Industrial Park and JBC’s multimillion-dollar investment and success in already landing customers shows we’re on the right path,” Christian said.

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  1. Big daddy

    Oct 26. 2018

    When the public reads this, all swell and good and it reads out real nice but there is no mention that all this that is mentioned is not part of the past talked about intermodal. What happened to all that talk??? If remembered, there was a lot of hyped up talk about how the planned intermodal was progressing. So far, there hasn’t been the first stone turned over as for any intermodal and seems to be a died away issue with no real progression.

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