Local citizen urges voters to choose candidates based on ideas and character, not party affiliation

To the voters of LaPorte County:

As we head into the end of what seems like a never-ending election cycle, we should look at some things that will shape what we pass on to the next generation. I am concerned about what seems to be the same old status quo. I am going to, in my opinion, give my take on four distinct generations in our nation.

First we have “The Greatest Generation,” basically my generation’s grandparents. They went through the Great Depression and were then asked to set aside  their differences in life and head off to war to save the world. They then came home, took off their combat boots and helmets, picked up their lunch pails and briefcases and set out to build this nation into the greatest nation on earth. They also produced the next generation, “The Baby Boomers.”

This generation, basically our parents, then took the ball and ran with it, helping to carry on what their parents started. Both of these generations helped pass along certain qualities to the next generation, these being strong moral values and work ethics. They also taught us the value of service to our country whether it be in the military or public service and volunteering to help others. They also instilled in us a love of the right to vote. They all passed on their beliefs of “this party did this for us” or “the other party will do nothing for us.” Sad thing about that is no matter how good their intentions were, we still have only two choices, primarily. This is in no way to blame anyone. Which brings me to our generation.

My generation, primarily those of us who are between 40 and 60 years old, have now, or are in the process of beginning, to take the torch and carry it forward. We are now instilling these same passions and love for country in our children, just as did our parents. Sad thing is that the thinking of only the Democratic or the Republican ideas are the only way to think has left us a nation with problems. An infrastructure in ruins that will take trillions of dollars and decades to repair, little yet build new. We have abandoned factories and brownfields across our nation. The hearts of our major cities are war zones that resembles more of the Third World we see on TV news. A segment of our population dependent on government assistance, and an overtaxed population trying desperately to hold on to what they have.

Maybe it is time to look at an alternative method as we vote this fall. Instead of looking at the letter to the right of the candidate’s name, try looking at the person running. Find out who they are, what they stand for, why they are running and what they will be trying to do. Blindly following in the steps of the previous generations has shown us that it is not working. This is no disrespect to them. Maybe trying something new will help the next generation I will speak of.

The next generation to pick up the torch and take this nation forward is beginning to do so now. This generation is known as “The Millennials.” We owe it to them to give them something better than civil strife, unsafe roads and bridges and a burned-out urban environment, and no jobs.

So this election cycle, please look more at the person running and not the letter. With all the negativity  being set forth, look at the accomplishments of the people running. Do your homework; ask questions like who is really behind the candidate and what is his/her purpose in supporting them. To continually raise taxes to spend on failed programs of the past is clearly not working.   

Good luck to all who choose to seek public service. Remember, our choices today will affect the lives of our children and grandchildren.  

Steve Holifield

LaPorte County citizen

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