55.32% voted in LaPorte County

Even in presidential election years, a voter turnout of 30-some percent is considered pretty good. In the Nov. 8, 2016, presidential election, 55.32 percent of LaPorte County’s registered voters cast ballots.

According to final tallies from the LaPorte County Clerk’s Office, 46,369 voters cast ballots at the polls, by early voting and by absentee voting. The total number of registered voters in the county is 83,826.

And if you’re curious about straight-party ballots cast Nov. 8 in the county, here are the numbers:

— Democratic Party, 8,263

— Republican Party, 6,115

— Libertarian Party, 75.

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  1. lawman

    Nov 09. 2016

    with the many choices for offices and the credentials that go along with them and in todays diverse world I cannot possibly vote a straight ticket.

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