Gas leak at LaCrosse School ends with a heartfelt note of thanks

Message from LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office:

Deputy Brian Crail

Earlier today (Jan. 13, 2017) a gas leak was reported at LaCrosse High School. Staff members quickly moved the students to the school’s gymnasium as emergency responders were sent. Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Crail was in the town of LaCrosse, saw a NIPSCO crew working nearby, notified them of the gas leak and quickly responded to the call. Deputy Crail remained at the school along with members of the LaCrosse Fire Department while the situation was resolved.

We received the letter below from Tim Somers, the superintendent of the school.

“This morning at LaCrosse School, we had a small gas leak. We evacuated the building and called 911. A sheriff’s deputy and NIPSCO responded within 5 minutes. The officer who responded was Brian Crail. What I learned later was that he was the one who grabbed a NIPSCO crew who was working nearby and got them to come to the school.

“I wanted to let the sheriff’s department know how much I appreciate that Officer Crail thought on his feet and didn’t just respond, but responded in a way that really helped our situation at the time. Thanks to Officer Crail and all law enforcement for their work and dedication.”

We appreciate hearing from people in the communities that we serve, and join Superintendent Somers in expressing gratitude to Deputy Crail for his service.

4 Responses to “Gas leak at LaCrosse School ends with a heartfelt note of thanks”

  1. Jim Kimmel

    Jan 14. 2017

    This is yet another example of the amazing officers that work in LaPorte County. Deputy Crail was in a position to act and provide some resolve to what could have been a disastrous situation. This action was a combination of training, common sense, luck, and simply being in the right place at the right time.

    Thank you Deputy Crail and thanks to all who put their life on the line every day to provide safety for all of us to enjoy our life.

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  2. The Chief

    Jan 14. 2017

    Great Job Deputy Crail….

    LCPD is a fine of a law enforcement agency, committed to serving the citizens of La Porte County. Its always refreshing to see LCPD deputies reacting quickly, and mitigating this incident.

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  3. Ggottio

    Jan 15. 2017

    Great job Deputy

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  4. NDman

    Jan 17. 2017

    Thank GOD for officers like officer Brian Crail.It takes a very special person to do this kind of work!! Where most people would run FROM trouble– this fine man went TOWARDS it. A HUGE THANK YOU to him and all officers who put their lives in “harms way” EVERY DAY!!! Thank you!!!!!

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