Former preservation board president: Designate Boston Middle School building as historic structure

As a former president of the City of LaPorte’s Historic Preservation Commission, I was pleased to see City Councilman Tim Stabosz advocating for the local historic designation of Boston Middle School. LaPorte is a very special place, and its historic charm and distinctive architecture enrich all of our lives and are also key to our future economic development. Many of these structures could never be built today, and the craftsmanship and beauty in them testify to an era when LaPorte was thriving.

The residents of vibrant and successful cities wanted to have structures of quality and beauty around them, and we are so fortunate to possess this built legacy of our past.   This legacy stands out among the other cities in our region and even the greater Chicago area.  We must never take that for granted!

It is important for hallowed institutions such as city government and the school corporation to lead, educate, and set an example on the importance of securing, protecting and preserving our important historic buildings and districts. This affords our city the ability to present itself as a desirable place to live to people from all around.   

I support Tim Stabosz’s leadership in requesting that the school corporation step up and historically designate Boston Middle School as part of any land transaction with the city. Such a designation would  be a point of pride to the school corporation. It would also be a great reassurance to the residential neighbors of Boston, and the citizens of LaPorte, of the school corporation’s commitment to our history and our future.

Diane J. Noe
Former president
LaPorte Historic Preservation Commission

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  1. Jim Rickles

    May 12. 2017

    Then let him buy it. This is a horrible idea….like many of Tim’s “cheesy” ideas.

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